unfortunate person

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Even companies with good service sometimes frustrate their customers, but that doesn't make it any better for the unfortunate person who has to deal with poor service," said Peter U.
It is rare that a police officer is indicted for acting as the judge, jury and executioner of some unfortunate person.
Alan Robinson I think the problem is that nobody wants to think of a 50hp tonne of steel as a deadly weapon, unless they''re the poor unfortunate person on the pavement.
That unfortunate person must have had RSI by the end of the match
But he's far from the only unfortunate person to have kicked the bucket in extraordinary style.
Her brash, no-nonsense approach gets results, but often terrifies and humiliates the unfortunate person whose fridge and toilet she's poking around in.
Does Mr Barrett not realise that this unfortunate person was speaking with wry humour?
Sometimes it is done without any regard to the true facts of the situation, or the consequences for the unfortunate person concerned.
If some unfortunate person is the victim of a rape, if those despicable elements who are going around terrorising old people in their homes, if the death riders mow people down, if any of that happens Sinn Fein will be encouraging people to work to co-operate with the police to take those people off the streets,' he said.
WITH reference to Your Rights (Telegraph, October 26) and the unfortunate person who found that the cost of a funeral was far higher than the Social Fund would provide.
This unfortunate person may have been a refugee caught up with the wrong people.
Sometimes I do feel I am one who is a very unfortunate person,'' he told the audience after receiving the Simon Wiesenthal Center's 1996 Museum of Tolerance Peace Award.
Or, worst of all, you end up as prime-time telly fodder as "poor unfortunate person of the week" on Channel Four's 24 Hours In A&E, the "fly on the ward" documentary which chronicles the comings and goings on one of Britain's busiest A&E departments, King's College Hospital in London.
The council will soon receive a wake-up call if an unfortunate person does die on the streets of Huddersfield or Kirklees.