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  • adj

Synonyms for unformed

having no distinct shape

Antonyms for unformed

not having form or shape


not formed or organized

References in classic literature ?
She was indeed still unformed, but was evidently as light as a feather.
I sympathized with and partly understood them, but I was unformed in mind; I was dependent on none and related to none.
There was one dim unformed fear lingering about his sister's mind, to which she never gave utterance, which surrounded the graceless and ungrateful boy with a dreadful mystery.
Project Description : 640 metres of Mangrove Creek Road is an unformed track through private land.
The situation worsened when an unformed gunner of a guzzted officer tried by force make way for his car.
Unless you know Danny and his body language, or his unformed British Sign Language, you would not be able to understand what he's trying to tell you.
According to unofficial and unformed results, the PML-N candidate, who had earlier secured 3373 votes, have now been declared winner, defeating Hussaim by one vote.
a unformed member of the Grammatical Gestapo, a hopelessly endangered species.
It is a very dangerous unformed age and you want to investigate what makes it tick.
Judge Stephen Hopkins QC told him: "You put your hand down inside her underwear and up under her crop top, touching her unformed breasts - something best described as evil.
On each of the assigned days, participating hospitals submitted all received unformed faecal samples to the respective EUCLID National Coordinating laboratories (NCLs).
coli (ETEC) diarrhea, passing four or more unformed stools in 24 hours.
Taun starts with how fear changes in a growing child, then examines the child as unformed nature, what happens to fear in "fearless" societies, what fear does in nature and great hunters and then does to pioneer farmers, how fear figures in natural calamities and famines.
This is one of those books that clarifies largely unformed, yet pressing concerns and ideas gestating in diverse areas of the culture.
Moulding noise together in this way does often result in something irregular or unformed but so be it.