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Synonyms for unforgiving

unwilling or unable to forgive or show mercy


not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty

References in classic literature ?
It seems to me," she went on in a voice like a wave of love itself, "that one should try to understand before one sets up for being unforgiving.
Look at that blacksmith, for instance," went on Father Brown calmly; "a good man, but not a Christian--hard, imperious, unforgiving.
Between games he supplied me with odd pieces of evidence, such as that he had known the Moultries all his life, being their cousin, and that Miss Mary, the eldest, was an unforgiving woman who would never let bygones be.
I'm ordering the military and the police to be unforgiving to the communist rebels as they are very unforgiving to us,' he said.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 29 (ANI): The witty Punjabi aunty, in her unsolicited unforgiving self, has sworn not to spare people who spread rumors.
The have right to unforgiving if deadline Attempts to restore confidence have taken a back seat in recent days as the political focus shifted to London and the Democratic Unionists' deal to prop up the Conservatives at Westminster.
What there is no case for is being unforgiving or unmerciful.
Your words, oh dear woman, I thought unforgiving arrows.
That's about to change as he steps into his new job as the head of the Bank of England today and into the unforgiving glare of the British media.
The first game in the series is unforgiving, almost to the point of unfriendliness.
He said: "Strong currents are unforgiving, and I urge all beach users and bathers to be aware of the inherent dangers.
WITHIN TEMPTATION The Unforgiving (Roadrunner) THE Unforgiving is the new album from Europe's most successful female-fronted band, Within Temptation.
Yep, fans can be a pretty unforgiving species - none more so than when they don't believe one of their own is producing the goods.
Jailing him at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Esmond Faulks said: "This was a horribe and unforgiving killing.
Simon Adams, The Unforgiving Rope: murder and hanging on Australia's western frontier, University of Western Australia Publishing, Perth, 2009, xxv + 285 pages; ISBN 978 1921401 22 0.