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in a memorable manner


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The flashing white gloves of the diplomats around the green table and Death's inexorable stamping as he gathers in his victims make an unforgettably powerful impact.
A profoundly stirring story of young people on the brink of adulthood and the stark realities of family life-including harrowing grief and the consequences of long-buried secrets-Prospice is rich with psychological detail and unforgettably delineated characters.
Farah responded to his 2011 disappointment by winning the 5,000m title days later and then unforgettably taking double gold at the Olympic Stadium.
Then unforgettably, to cheers all round, it was "Reilly's scored in the last minute".
The Honest Toddler is an unforgettably funny, heart-touching, practical-minded and realistic portrait of hectic parenthood, highly recommended
HOLLYWOOD'S finest carry on partying during the apocalypse in this unforgettably lewd comedy action thriller.
In 2012, Americans experienced several unforgettably devastating extreme events, which climate scientists maintain are fueled by climate change:
Saunders delivered an unforgettably pithy and, at times, uproariously funny discourse on how to deal with prickly personalities and "well-poisoners", interspersed with insights into dealing with teenagers (his own).
Bridget Jones, who was unforgettably portrayed by Renee Zellweger, now has 21st century problems as well as dealing with her insecurities that surround calories, cigarettes and alcohol, the 54-year-old author said.
Her words settle deeply and unforgettably into our souls.
The two brothers have alternating chapters, a method used by the author in the unforgettably brilliant, Noughts and Crosses series.
This debut collection of short stories and one novella is part postcolonial narrative and part oral history, as Yanique lovingly and unforgettably depicts her home country.
With a bit of luck we may also experience a few unintentionally hilarious moments on a par with Todd Carty's unforgettably disastrous performance last year, as well as some scenes worthy of inclusion on Harry Hill's TV Burp
A handful of vintage black-and-white photographs pepper this unforgettably compelling account of grisly mishaps, dark twists of fate, and ill luck of the worst kind.
Bugsy Malone is a tongue-in-cheek look at gangsters in the Prohibition era, packed with riotous musical numbers, larger-than-life characters and, unforgettably, splurge guns.