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not covered with forest

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The results showed that if the lake catchments under study were unforested in the present meteorological conditions, annual catchment runoff would be 60 mm, i.
On the other hand, groundwater abstraction cannot account for the entire water-level drop, as before the 1960s the water level fell partly because of the forest that covered the previously unforested lake catchments.
Those leases are primarily in the unforested, so-called "settled" portions of the province.
The continued decline of nonwoody pollen types (NAP) and the sharp decrease in percentage and APF of aquatic types may represent both a drier, warmer climate and reduction in the extent of unforested, marshy, and open water habitats in the vicinity of the Heisler mastodon site.
Had the bill actually been Hatfield's, it would have been less than half of the million acres Weaver won, and it would have been mostly unforested lands the wilderness environmentalists call "rocks and ice.
Within these units, the proposal addresses areas of open, sparsely vegetated sandy habitats, such as sand spits or beaches associated with wide, unforested systems of dunes and inter-dune wetlands.
Some residents even declared that they would have preferred their hillside left unforested.
This includes areas that support, or have the potential to support, open, sparsely vegetated sandy habitats such as sand spits or sand beaches associated with wide, unforested systems of dunes and inter-dune wetlands, and the plover's prey species.
Moose ascended mountains along the forested river valleys but were rarely found in unforested areas; some (0.
Regardless of the cause, the Indiana myotis is adapted to using a fragmented landscape, which would necessitate crossing open, unforested areas.
In other tree-saving measures, a perimeter road was built in unforested areas on the fringe of Eagles Landing, and three natural wetland areas were created.
Agriculture (29% of GDP, 2007): About 4,848,000 hectares (12 million acres) are unforested land; all are arable with irrigation, but 2.
Because most of this section was unforested, the 1988 fires did not cause much change in vegetative structure.
2], including unforested areas, reflected minimum densities for the island excluding the Avalon and Northern Peninsulas, where populations were still expanding during the 1950s.