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not covered with forest

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4% of GDP, 2009): About 4,848,000 hectares (12 million acres) are unforested land; all are arable with irrigation, but 2.
While this does not provide an explanation for the existence of populations in the southern two tiers of counties where prairie was apparently not as common (Betz 1976), it is possible that grassy river valleys and unforested flood plains may have supported the species there.
The EU trading system has only allowed limited offsets for afforestation (adding forests to previously unforested land) and reforestation (restoring previously standing forests), and does not allow offsets for agricultural and land-use changes because of unresolved difficulties over the measuring, monitoring, and verifying systems that would certify reductions.
Although the SED was suspicious of such endeavors because of their putative 'petit-bourgeois individualism,' local authorities had little choice but to build and manage camping grounds and to allow its citizens their Kleingarten on unforested and unfarmed land.
Forest options include afforestation (establishing forests in previously unforested areas), reforestation, and avoiding deforestation.
In the unforested centre of Bellever are the remains of a number of settlements and burial areas dating back to the Bronze Age.
Skin pale since it's bloodless, hair bleached blond / by the sun of an unforested country.
Other measures, still in place, include the Afforestation Grant Scheme (government grants to plant new forests on previously unforested land), and the plethora of programmes and targets for energy efficiency announced as part of the Energywise Homes and Energywise Business components of the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy, including for example average fuel efficiency standards for new and used vehicles entering the fleet.
Animal populations have been presumably isolated in "semi-refugia" separated by a combination of the broad lower courses of several Amazonian rivers (plus their floodplains) and by extensive, ecologically unsuitable terrain in the headwater regions of northern and southern Amazonia that were more or less unforested during dry climatic periods when the zone of tropical forests supposedly contracted toward the equator on broad latitudinal fronts (Ayres, 1986; Ayres and Clutton-Brock, 1992; Capparella, 1991).
Effects of spraying sewage effluent unforested land at Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine.
Forest canopy cover reduces temperature fluctuations contributing to greater environmental stability compared to unforested areas (Ovington, 1965).
Holochilus chacarius: marsh rats of the genus Holochilus are specialized for semi-aquatic life and are found commonly in swamps, grasslands, and other moist, unforested habitats throughout most of South America, east of the Andes (Hershkovitz, 1955).
Those leases are primarily in the unforested, so-called "settled" portions of the province.