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incapable of being anticipated

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An unforeseeable emergency is a severe financial hardship suffered by the participant or beneficiary due to accident or illness of the participant or beneficiary or that person's spouse or dependent.
CEO Judith Greciet said the capital increase was achieved in a market environment which turned out to be tough and unforeseeable.
Summary: For all the adjectives which could be deployed to describe the killing of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on New Year's Eve, one is above all not appropriate: unforeseeable.
Lotter says the mishap was "an unfortunate and unforeseeable accident.
This was a tragic and unforeseeable event," Asmussen said.
argue that gender took on both predictable and unforeseeable dimensions during the course of the campaign.
If they have not included any unforeseeable necessary work in the quote you must be made aware of and agree to additional costs prior to the work being carried out, or allowed to cancel.
The Rhyme Killers" tells of Philadelphia's top homicide detective in Katie Knight with her partner Avis Rent quest to hunt down this strange murderer with his unforeseeable tactics, she also must deal with a misogynistic old police chief who wants to return the department back to an all-male force like it used to be.
Rejecting the so-called "living constitution" approach as a metaphor for viewing the Constitution as a generalized guide with intentional vagueness to provide for flexibility for dealing with unforeseen and unforeseeable circumstances, he advances his fundamentalist view on questions of founders' intent.
Regional chairman Gwyn Evans said: "The FSB realises just how important it is for a small business affected by these unforeseeable incidents to be up and running as soon as possible, hence our interest free loan fund.
By Although it is very difficult to corroborate market pressures and capital flows, reasonable, sound assumptions, made of measured coefficients, can act as a barometer to foreseeable and unforeseeable real estate currents.
You got to bank wins when you're healthy, because you never know when something unforeseeable is going to happen and you have to deal with it.
According to the company, SWAP Pac's site audit identifies all the parameters likely to increase installation uptime, including technical reliability, supervision to prevent failure, services that reduce repair time in the event of unforeseeable incidents, as well as energy efficiency.
She anticipates remaining in the Dallas area for the unforeseeable future but remains anxious to be able to get back home to see her property.
UNDER SECTION 409A, NQDC PLAN DISTRIBUTIONS are permitted only in the event of separation from service, disability, death, a change in employer control or an unforeseeable emergency.