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Synonyms for unfocused

(of an image) not being in or brought into focus

not concentrated at one point or upon one objective


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The western media portrayed an image of the movement which showed it to be aimless and unfocused, a movement which only gets attention when its members are arrested.
Will make you rethink your Christmas shopping list, but otherwise unconvincing and unfocused as storytelling.
In bifocals, some portion of the lens remains unfocused for the distance of interest at any given time, notes Mathine.
In reality, according to a recent survey, he presides over a "rambling, unfocused and incoherent" mess.
Unfocused kids; helping students to focus on their education and career plans; a resource for educators.
As one walked into the interior of the spiral (looking at the text from the inside), the words became fainter and even more unfocused.
The title doesn't match the book's content, and the text is so comprehensive that it seems unfocused.
With the economy booming and a land bubble growing in Florida, the decade between the end of World War I and the Great Crash proved seminal in the transformation of real estate from avocation to profession and of NAREB from "an ineffectual and unfocused men's club into a distinctive, effective modern hybrid of a trade association and professional association.
Then one day you feel unfocused, just going through the motions of your exercise routine and not really getting into it.
Lichtenberg says that many women tend to pitch pink to blues and, thus, seem unfocused to the blues.
They go far beyond the feeble and unfocused Northern Prosperity Plan put forward by the province.
Before and After: Giddy, Queen of the May,/tipsy with unfocused possibility,/now I'm in a Twelve Step program.
This item briefly summarized the pitfalls of unfocused family wealth planning.
Some diehard Svenonius fans criticized his new endeavor's Emotion for being too loose and unfocused, frequently spacing out with drawn-out psychedelics and lacking The Make-Up's adored caustic punch.
La Farge, in a softly unfocused novel, tells how Haussmann demolished dark tenements, churches, and at least one convent, built the sewers made famous by his contemporary Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, constructed an aqueduct to fight the 1865 cholera epidemic (rumors at the time claimed the aqueduct brought in the disease), rerouted a river, and plotted unsuccessfully to establish a cemetery distant from the city to reduce pollution from the city's dead.