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Everyone will miss her charm, efficiency and unflappability.
In particular, Mr Woodward admires President Bush's self-assurance and unflappability under pressure.
There's all the expected Mikron energy and unflappability (even with waistcoats going on the wrong way round) but Richard Povall has managed to extract some real moments of pain as well as laughter.
With that unflappability we associate with the British, Macmillan said without missing a beat, "I'd like that translated, if I may.
Ferrell succeeds by constantly playing his role straight, his unflappability eventually becoming infectious.
The fact that two-year-old AussieBum is considered a national corporate Cinderella story speaks to Ashby's confidence in his product and his countrymen's unflappability about sexuality: He uses openly gay men for most of his company's modeling needs.
Their constant presence and unflappability had a debilitating effect on union morale.
Successfully communicating internationally requires patience, a willingness to listen, respect for other cultures, acting on local knowledge, unflappability, luck and a sense of humor.
It is that kind of straightforward unflappability that Hettrick exudes as Republican co-speaker of the Nevada Assembly.
Says Managing Partner Marcie Brogan, "We're delighted to be able to offer Bob's brain, professionalism and unflappability to our clients .
Unflappability and the ability to speak well are essential attributes.
Murray has the natural diplomatic sense and unflappability that such a post requires.
Affectionately nicknamed Old Iron Pants for his unflappability under pressure, Mr.
So the practical, competent woman, every surgeon's favorite nurse, calmness itself behind her mask and gown, ready always with the instrument needed, her pity always contained, this paragon of unflappability surrendered to her own soft interior every Wednesday and peeped at her husband from the window of Forget Me Not, saw pride and disappointment and shame and resignation, saw him kneeling like a knight--not like a servant, Myron
that keeper That to lift In that World Cup, Seaman stood large, renowned worldwide as one of the planet's top keepers, his Euro 96 reputation having been reinforced the unflappability displayed time and again.