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In all other situations Ann Deane retains unflappability.
Her resourcefulness and unflappability were called into action right away.
Bush's first term, says Obama's unflappability, "is a signature characteristic, and I think it's going to serve him well in the White House.
Rather than cite further examples of this sort of poetry, or offer further explanations about why it has become the prevailing period style, I want to conclude by discussing poems by three members of my own poetic generation who display the sort of capaciousness and unflappability which impresses me in Auden's poem and Byron's letter, a capaciousness which allows their poems to address and adapt to situations of emotional and moral crisis.
Obama balances a confident unflappability with a blunt self-assessment of his shortcomings; the combination has served him well in politics and in sport.
The role requires unflappability, which Obama exudes like Verbena cologne, and it is his aim, in this video, to quiet America's erratic pulse, its arrhythmic financial markets, its frightened workers, its bankrupt home owners.
From the beginning, what struck me was her utter unflappability.
But another thing that stands out in my mind about Mick's tenure on the executive committee, and particularly as chairman, was his unflappability.
Barack Obama, in contrast, has looked and acted presidential, exuding an unflappability that many seem to find calming (and the GOP finds infuriating).
Ability to multitask and manage multiple demands; unflappability.
James Bond's assertiveness, control, and grace under pressure, Will Smith's unaffected, down-to earth likeability, and "the Fonz's" (ironically a Jewish actor, Henry Winkler, playing an Italian) unflappability also epitomize coolness.
With equal unflappability, she described less formal duties such as buying three hundred dollars' worth of booze for the party Goldwyn threw following the premiere of Chaplin's The Gold Rush.
But Webb was chosen to control today's big game because of his unflappability under pressure and an evenhanded style that makes him the favourite to take over from Graham Poll as the Premiership's top-rated referee.
The opening game of the tournament is invariably a nervy one for the host nation and even the Germans may find their usual unflappability creaking under the sheer weight of expectation.
Hall manager Alan Bowler said: "We will miss her unflappability, humour and expertise and wish her a very long and happy retirement.