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Synonyms for unfixed

not firmly placed or set or fastened

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lacking definition or definite content


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8] The fixed combination of prostaglandin analog and beta-blocker is theoretically expected to provide better IOP lowering effect and fewer unwanted side effects than unfixed combination.
Decorating vehicles with unfixed textiles is not allowed, and they cannot be put on vehicle hood covers.
For the rest of the team, however, that unfixed anachronism is sort of their "golden ticket" to prove themselves once again.
If left unfixed, the issue can eventually cause a short circuit that inadvertently triggers the airbag.
So is 'ammunition': It includes 'a complete unfixed (unfired?
The 98 Octane Super fuel will be sold at an unfixed price in accordance with global fuel prices.
He draws on his own artworks concerning these themes and analyzes the work of other artists and authors who seem to be similarly fixed on the unfixed.
Whereas, only three appeals remain unfixed as there were restraining orders from courts.
Amply displaying her bewitching, opulent imagination, The Unfixed Horizon: New Selected Poems is a 344 page compendium of Medbh McGuckian's poetry and traces a remarkable trajectory through fourteen volumes of her work that were published between 1982 and 2013,.
most recently, of Unfixed Elegy and Other Poems, a chapbook from
Unfortunately the opposite took place with the pledges being broken while the system remained unfixed.
Either way, seeking to squeeze the tenant as a single unfixed point must now end.
STILL UNFIXED - This school building, Bantayan Central School, in the town of Bantayan in Northern Cebu (left), which was damaged by super typhoon Yolanda in November, 2013, remains unfixed a year after the howler struck this part of Cebu province.
The essays show that the meaning of the Renaissance is unfixed and evolving.
A solution for scouring of finished fabrics to remove unfixed dye-stuff to eliminate residues.