unfinished business

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work that is left incomplete


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Glen Little has signed a one-year deal with Wrexham and says he has unfinished business at the club
wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, Unfinished Business meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $18.
Hypnosis was used with deep relaxation and grief psychotherapy to achieve imaginative involvement, subjective reality, and constructive memory to help her to complete the unfinished business.
But the terrible unfinished business of our imperfect world also has a spiritual dimension, and so the church gives us the celebration of All Souls.
Unfinished Business maintains that overall nearly 80% of trafficking is for sexual exploitation.
Hopefully, there is unfinished business and I can go on and get some more runs tomorrow," the Herald Sun quoted Strauss as saying after England reached 6-364 at stumps on the first day at Lord's.
Drogba claims Scolari wanted him so much that he felt like he had unfinished business and is out to fire the club to Champions League glory.
I will also report that we have unfinished business before us, and we must work together to get it done.
Before Logan can do so, he has some unfinished business to attend to.
Verdugo Hills of Tujunga had some unfinished business to take care of Monday night at the Venice High gym.
In Nordstrom's pictures sex is compulsive but not convulsive, and in place of the voyeuristic pleasures of carnality at the edge are occasions to weave various bits of unfinished business together, creating an elegantly impious if torpid picture of an enchanted land inhabited by dozy Dionysians.
In many ways, the enduring racial economic inequality since then is the unfinished business of the civil rights movement.
Ian holloway admits he has some unfinished business with Cardiff City, writes ANDY ROSE.
Herero chief Kuaima Riruako accepted the apology, but added, "there must now be dialogue to finish the unfinished business," referring to growing demands by the Herero people for compensation from Berlin.
Thus it's hardly a surprise that "lawmakers are already bracing for the prospect of a post-election lame-duck session, given the amount of unfinished business," commented the July 24 New York Times.