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not recorded on film or tape


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While the comedic element is actually difficult to discern in the original script for the Baghdad episode (Leni's intertitles, for instance, do not coincide with Galeen's), it is apparent in the unfilmed Rinaldo scenes.
Panahi - who faces six years in prison and a 20-year ban from filmmaking - stages parts of his unfilmed script in a desperate, self-reflexive attempt to execute some kind of control over the uncontrollable forces shaping his life.
When I was filming a profile of Gordon Brown for ITV earlier in the campaign, I remember jumping into his Jaguar for an unfilmed off-the-record chat and he wanted to make sure the mic was off.
They will weave together five unfilmed Winnie the Pooh stories and promise to bring in same humour found in the original A.
He remained an active writer and Hollywood big hitter right up to the early 2000s, with one of his last works being a joint project with Spike Lee on the fights between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling, so far unfilmed.
The author also provides a brief account of the history of AIP for fellow film buffs and students, and he lists both TV and unfilmed projects as well.
The wedding scene, like the unfilmed 1959 championship game sequence, provides a reminder that a finished film, as a collaborative art form affected by a variety of considerations, is likely to differ from the screenplay on which it was based.
Hollywood insiders would gossip about Bill Shakespeare's legendary unfilmed screenplay about Falstaff; every time his people finally hammered out a deal with a funny fat guy--whether John Belushi, John Candy, or Chris Farley--the star would drop dead.
This is the ghetto of Chicago," she clarified in the unfilmed screenplay.
The first of these is returned to most frequently in the main chapters of her book, although the final part of her discussion of L'Anne derniere a Marienbad argues convincingly for the tactility and sensuality of a film often criticized for coldness and cerebrality, and the focus it includes on imagined but unfilmed acts of violence against women adds a welcome consideration of gender dynamics to an oeuvre whose reticence about definitive statement makes this a challenging task.
In an unfilmed interview with BBC Midlands Today at Usk Prison in Monmouthshire, Mr Gay called for Sandwell Council's report into Christian's past medical history to be made public.
He also left behind several unfilmed scripts and a substantial body of writing in the form of journals, a book of poems, essays, and film notebooks.
John Lutz, one of the book's protagonists, has already taken the filmmakers to task for messing with the actual (as he tells it, anyway) chain of events, and the production notes admit that some of Scott Kosar's script was ``inspired by'' previously unfilmed reports.
Nymphs; the musical in the unfilmed Dykemaster's Daughter and