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not recorded on film or tape


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This is the ghetto of Chicago," she clarified in the unfilmed screenplay.
The unfilmed glass shattered and flew into the driver's face and body, while the glass using LLumar was completely contained by the film.
In an unfilmed interview with BBC Midlands Today at Usk Prison in Monmouthshire, Mr Gay called for Sandwell Council's report into Christian's past medical history to be made public.
He also left behind several unfilmed scripts and a substantial body of writing in the form of journals, a book of poems, essays, and film notebooks.
John Lutz, one of the book's protagonists, has already taken the filmmakers to task for messing with the actual (as he tells it, anyway) chain of events, and the production notes admit that some of Scott Kosar's script was ``inspired by'' previously unfilmed reports.
Nymphs; the musical in the unfilmed Dykemaster's Daughter and
The key to producing a tube with an unfilmed MCP is the removal of a sufficient number of the potentially-damaging gas ions.
This difference is also very significant in the data from the unfilmed experiments, even when analyzed by the Schmidt-Muller-Walach method (Figure 1).
CIHM has made all its records of filmed and unfilmed titles available to the History of the Book in Canada project.
His book contains chapters on each of Jarman's major works from the 1970s onwards, from the unfilmed screenplay of Akenaton to his final work, Blue, and all are presented as part of "an alternative, and largely plausible, vision of civilization, a philosophy of history if you will, from the homosexual point of view.
Where the Film Stops: A Brief History of Cannibal Holocaust and the Notorious (Supposedly) Unfilmed Piranha Scene.
The reason this ample supply of stories remains unfilmed is not ignorance.
In the interim, security film can provide an increased level of protection from windborne debris when compared to an unfilmed glazed opening.
Two samples, obtained from bulk unfilmed material, were tested for each adhesive and the glass transition temperatures were recorded as the peak in the tan [Delta] response.