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of purchase orders that have not been filled


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Flintshire has 4,295 surplus places across its 80 schools, meaning that one in six places are unfilled, and thousands of pounds are being spent on running undersubscribed classrooms.
Types of Unfilled Positions 20 percent of study participants reported their open positions were mainly in corporate accounting roles such as financial analysts, staff accountants and internal auditors.
Unfilled PEEK offers ductility, good impact resistance, and isotropic properties, but often lacks sufficient stiffness and strength, while reinforced PEEK grades are typically the opposite: very strong and stiff materials but comparatively brittle.
Giving some further figures about unfilled quotas in public institutions, Kahveci said a 15,045-person quota for disabled employees is waiting to be filled at the Ministry of Education.
Details of the invite emerged as the council's vulnerable children scrutiny committee also heard that there remain 82 unfilled vacancies for children's social workers in Birmingham.
It takes the total number of unfilled nursing posts across hospital trusts serving Teesside to almost 200.
UNIVERSITY places have been left unfilled because institutions are scared of being penalised for recruiting too many students, it was suggested today.
33 million) of unfilled orders, with revenues in September being NT$95 million (US$3.
A list of regions drawn up by the union showed that Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales had the highest ratio of claimants to unfilled vacancies at 32, followed by East Ayrshire (31), Inverclyde (30), West Dunbartonshire (30), Hackney (24) and Haringey (23), both in London.
AN UNEMPLOYMENT blackspot in Wales has the highest ratio of claimants to unfilled vacancies in the UK, according to research.
These positions routinely go unfilled for months, even years.
Summary: Thousands of nursing shifts are going unfilled across the NHS and the number is rising, as recent data suggests.
The company said it was one of the industry's highest continuous temperature rating for an unfilled thermoplastic material.
The Extem series of thermoplastic polyimide and polyetherimide materials from SABIC Innovative Plastics has been extended with a grade in which TPI has been blended with PEEK to produce a material with what the company calls "one of the industry's highest continuous use temperature ratings for an unfilled thermoplastic material.
HEADTEACHER vacancies are left unfilled at more than a quarter of all primary and special schools, according to a survey.