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not having been fertilized

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2]O-N emitted from fertilised and unfertilised soil) was calculated as the sum of the predicted treatment flux measured during the June-Decembcr monitoring period, divided by the amount of fertiliser applied (50 kg N ha 1) (Table 7).
29] reported that in trials, corn grain yields, associated with the use of cowpeas as green manure, were doubled compared to unfertilised control treatments.
The small unfertilised mini-cobs that we now find in stir-fry mixes and Chinese take-aways were unheard of by most of us until 10 years ago.
2]O sources (including denitrification) for an unfertilised agricultural soil in New Zealand (Parfitt et al.
According to a Morgan Poll conducted in June 2006, an overwhelming majority of Australians (82%) supported human embryo stem cell research, with 80% supporting the merging of an unfertilised egg with a skin cell (Morgan Poll 2006b).
He also said that the eggs were covered in a fine layer of volcanic dust, which may explain why they were unfertilised and unhatched -- and, ultimately, why dinosaurs became extinct.
Some berries remained unfertilised, shrivelled and fell off; others remained but stayed small and hard and never ripened.
We found that trees are more likely to regenerate in unfertilised pastures [and] under high-intensity rotational grazing than under conventional, continuous grazing.
Alternatively, patients may undergo assisted reproductive techniques just prior to chemotherapy with the option of freezing embryos or unfertilised oocytes, although the latter is currently not part of routine clinical practice due to, as yet, limited success.
IVF Wales, the University Hospital of Wales-based fertility clinic, has the new technology to remove and store unfertilised eggs, which could otherwise be destroyed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Fertilised eggs produce queen bees and worker bees, and unfertilised eggs, drones.
Parthenocarpy, or persistence of the unfertilised syconia, in figs can be vegetative or stimulative.
Q: Could she have frozen unfertilised eggs instead?
36) This procedure avoids the time delay due to the ovarian stimulation necessary before oocyte retrieval and cryopreservation of unfertilised or fertilised eggs, and the possible negative influences of ovarian stimulation on hormonally sensitive cancers.
So each of the babies is taken to a separate spot by their mother when they hatch from their eggs and every few days she brings them an unfertilised egg to eat.