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not soured or preserved


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The current study was therefore carried out to assess the effect of two differently processed cassava flour types namely fermented and unfermented flour and cassava substitution level on proximate composition, sensory characteristics and overall acceptability of bread made from wheat-cassava flour blends.
maculata, and to a lesser extent those of unfermented C.
Moreover, birds and insects eating the unfermented droppings can also spread the disease according to Liu Pei-po, former director of the Taiwan Provincial Research Institute for Animal Health.
Other SF purchased for children included stiff porridges (made from fermented or unfermented corn dough or millet meal) such as banku, akple, tuo zaafi, and kenkey, typically consumed with a sauce or thick soup such as groundnut or palm soup.
Abbreviations: ORAC: oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC), C: control, RF: fermented rooibos herbal tea, RU: unfermented rooibos herbal tea and GT: green tea and.
The experimental birds were assigned to one of three dietary treatments including a corn-soybean meal based control diet as well as two experimental diets in which the control diet was supplemented with 10% of the basal substrate containing unfermented rapeseed meal or 10% of the basal substrate containing rapeseed meal subjected to solid state fermentation.
Even so, there are still enough unfermented malt sugars that fill out Benedictus' body and mouthfeel.
The unfermented residual sugars provide natural sweetness, and the result is a sublime confection of crisp quince and pear fruit, seasoned with a little spice.
Blenders will also flavor the redbush with peppermint, vanilla, lemon or cinnamon, and also sells Green Redbush tea (the unfermented Redbush, slightly different in flavor.
Add wine yeast, dissolve, then stir back into the "must" (the unfermented juice).
Unfermented Frozen Dough (UFF) with the S-Kimo technology, a technology in continuous evolution to extend freezer shelf-life;
After the boil, they allowed the unfermented beer to cool naturally and they fermented it with a standard brewing yeast.
Grapes have been used in cooking for thousands of years, as wine, vinegar, and unfermented juice known as verjus.
While Europeans naturally assume that any product called "cider" is fermented and contains anywhere from 2% to 7% alcohol, America has a history of drinking sweet, unfermented farm cider, so the "hard" prefix is a useful and necessary identifier.