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not suitable for a woman

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Women's sport has for too long been seen as an add-on to men's sport, of less interest to both male and female spectators, and even, among some people, as unfeminine," said the report.
It means expecting girls to do well in science and math, and shattering stereotypes that science is unfeminine or geeky.
Studies suggest women tend to face the so-called "backlash effect", the theory that women can only advance at work if they act more like men - but then face social penalties for behaving in unfeminine ways.
He wants both to benefit from the sexism of an industry that will give him $10 million to make a piss-poor imitation of Breillat and to reject the society from which that industry sprang, and so, in a bit of faith gone bad, he identifies with the proudly unfeminine, perversely not-feminist woman.
One audience she hopes her book will reach is young women who might be interested in construction but afraid that the industry will make then unfeminine, that they will have to act like men to get ahead.
From Amy Seiwert, who has created a forum for women choreographers in ballet, to Deborah Lohse, who has found more freedom after coming out; from Charlotte Vincent, who insists on childcare for her women dancers, to Nora Chipaumire, whose powerful body is decidedly unfeminine onstage; from Anna Halprin's love of nature to Jin Xing, a transgendered choreographer in China; from Sheetal Gandhi, who weaves stories of oppression of Indian women into her dance theater works, to the "too tall" Haley Henderson Smith, who feels empowered dancing with her even taller husband.
Sky high heels I used to be stuck wearing sturdy flat, sensible shoes that made me feel frumpy and unfeminine.
Yet more could have been said about the increasing lack of femininity among women, and how the current tendency for abrasive female personalities and either sexually aggressive female dress or a totally unfeminine appearance reflect the rejection of femininity among women.
The obvious choice of slander when talking about female weightlifting is how they're unfeminine and girls shouldn't be strong or have muscles.
Everyone assumes you're asexual, or you're weak and dependent or unmasculine or unfeminine or undatable or not interested in dating.
BEING an outspoken columnist does not excuse Rob Davies' ridiculously out-dated (and not a little offensive) comment that 'nearly all men think tattoos on women look 'terrible, unflattering, unfeminine.
Before ActiGait, I had to wear baggy clothes and wasn't able to wear dresses or skirts due to the embarrassment of visible wires and electrodes on my leg from my old drop foot solution, which made me feel unfeminine.
It's very upsetting as a woman because your hair is a part of who you are, you style it for a night out and feel good about yourself and to lose it makes you feel unfeminine.
While the coat can easily vie for the award for the most unfeminine piece of dressing we have seen lately, what takes the cake is that Gul chose the sticky summer season to be seen in a stuffy style that befits London more than Mumbai.