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Synonyms for unfeignedly

with sincerity

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I once possessed four dear and faithful friends, besides the maiden to whom I was betrothed' he said; `and I feel convinced they have all unfeignedly grieved over my loss.
Nicholas bowed his acknowledgments, and was unfeignedly glad to see the cloth laid.
Of the intervening weeks I will say little, but my admiration and sympathy went out unfeignedly to Mary Cavendish.
In the lower bunk lay Louis, grossly fat and warm and sweaty, asleep unfeignedly and sleeping laboriously.
He exhorted me seriously to repent of all my sins, and to dally no longer with my soul; not flattering myself with hopes of life, which, he said, he was informed there was no room to expect, but unfeignedly to look up to God with my whole soul, and to cry for pardon in the name of Jesus Christ.