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Synonyms for unfeelingly

without compassionate feelings


in a callous way


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He quotes Benjamin's statement that "the manifestation of past or distant spiritual worlds [is studied] in order to take possession of them and unfeelingly incorporate them into its own self-absorbed fantasizing," implying that our reading of the past is always shaped by our time, place, and interests in the present.
Exceptional: "that which is done exceptionally well, executed individually and extraordinarily by someone demonstrating human care; not unfeelingly or disingenuously performed"
It really is beyond comprehension how could they cold-shoulder so unfeelingly a section of our own grief-stricken people, and that too in distress only for us to live in peace and security.
She is not only unfeelingly nonmaternal toward Natsuyuki (the offspring of her second husband); she had earlier abandoned a son born to her in a first marriage.
An impetuous example of this was reflected in a video circulated on the internet in which Rick Santorum, a politically bankrupt White House aspirant, has unfeelingly described the assassination of Iranian scientists as "wonderful.
His profound contemplation of Hans Holbein's painting "Dead Christ" leads him to conclude that nature is "a dark, insolent, and senselessly eternal power, to which everything is subjected," a force by which even the most precious human being is "senselessly seized, crushed, and swallowed up, blankly and unfeelingly.
May I say I was deeply offended by your rejection of my offer of Facebook friendship, which you publicly and unfeelingly announced in your column last week?
As the late art historian Robert Rosenblum wrote in 1970, from the moment the style began to wane in the second quarter of the 19th century until his own time, 'most artists, critics, spectators and art historians have treated Neoclassicism as a largely lamentable episode that slowed the pulse of Western art with the static rhythms and glacial temperatures of Greco-Roman models unfeelingly imitated.
Uncharacteristically, unfeelingly killing the Arab as a brutal pied-noir like his friend Raymond might do, Meursault sets himself on a scapegoat's sacrificial course but fails during his trial in his efforts to serve as an exemplar leading sinning fellow men to see the "truth.
That they can legally be beaten to death in a sack, trapped, shot or even drowned by 'pesf controllers, is an indication of how unfeelingly savage our society has become.
People who, in the past, might have been let off with a stern warning from a patrol officer - and driven all the better for it afterwards - tend to be resentful of robots which unfeelingly and rigidly dish out penalties.