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not fed

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not given support

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The former consists of few days or weeks for the feeding of each of the ticks at the larval, nymphal, and adult stages; the free-living phase varies from several months to years, encompassing the off-host developmental stages (egg laying and incubation, molting), and the host-seeking period of unfed ticks (9).
The NAS is now warning that Government plans to change the care system could put even more people with autism at risk of being unfed, unwashed or afraid to leave the house.
The source said patients were left unfed for hours, with others not observed as regularly as they should have been and bed-ridden patients not turned or moved as often as is recommended.
In 2009 and 2010, larvae were reared in 2 feeding treatments: an always-fed treatment, in which larvae were considered healthy, and an unfed (starved) treatment in which larvae were considered unhealthy.
Asking the hill party to withdraw the bandh to facilitate a return to normal life so that tourists come back, she charged that GJM workers were stockpiling food for themselves and keeping the poor unfed in the name of the bandh.
We know that mums are much more likely to spend their last pound on their children rather than themselves, and they are also more likely to go unfed if they have to choose.
Two thirds of 500 teachers surveyed said the main reason that children are arriving unfed is because of apathy by parents, while a similar proportion cited a lack of time at home.
Mae'r caneuon yn trafod y tyndra sy'n wynebu pobl ifanc wrth iddynt ddewis rhwng bywyd y dref a bywyd cefn gwlad, rhwng gwarchod yr hen ffordd Gymreig o fyw a llunio Cymru gyfoes yr unfed ganrif ar hugain.
The name of the game I'm glued to all of them, Big Brother, X Factor, American Idol, Apprentice, Deal or No Deal, Programmes keeping me on edge, demented, I never seen able To finish a meal, Excitement, drama, revulsion, trauma, nail-biting, I just can't Get enough, Living my life through those contestants, the highs and lows, It's powerful, riveting stuff, In there with them, my heart-a-pounding, hands shaking, I Think I need a drink, Dog going ga-ga, unfed, unaltered, unwalked, cat screeching, Piles of dishes in the sink, Voting time, on the phone, breathless, who'll be fired, win and Lose, who is back next week?
If one bat went unfed, another will often throw up blood to share.
Biochemical analysis of experimentally unfed seed mussels showed they preferentially depleted glycogen reserves versus lipid and protein during short periods of starvation ([less than or equal to]8 days).
And the very thought of youngsters being left unfed or without heat should be enough to make the coalition put its cost-cutting zeal on hold.
Plants unfed and not watered were harmed least by the same lack of water that browned our cultivated plants.
There was no significant difference in the number of fed, unfed and gravid Sergentomyia sand flies caught by the three different traps (p >0.