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having no feathers



not having feathers

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1,3) Lesions of the cutaneous form include papules, pustules, and nodules usually located on the unfeathered areas of the body, particularly, on the eyelids, cere, legs, and feet.
The lesions appeared on the skin in unfeathered areas of the backs, the eyelids, and the wings (Figure 1).
With whistling scythe, and elbow strong, These massacre the grass along: While one, unknowing, carves the rail, Whose yet unfeathered quills her fail.
They also took 10 fibreglass bows, 12 arrows and 100 unfeathered, silver aluminium arrows.
The examiner then applied sterile gloves, lifted the feathers from the axillary region to isolate a naturally unfeathered region of skin and, with a sterile culturette swab, swabbed the axilla for 5 seconds.
van Grouw states, "I've attempted to make The Unfeathered Bird a convergence of art and science, accessibility and erudition, old and new--without compromise and without apology.
Young unfeathered birds attempted to leave the nest, but then realized they need to get strengthened and decided to return to the nest.
Illness was defined as any clinical abnormality detectable upon physical examination after inoculation with, or contact exposure to, the HPAI virus (H5N1), including weakness, cloudy eyes, respiratory difficulty, shivering, crowding, ruffled feathers, hemorrhage on the unfeathered skin, and neurologic signs, such as tremors, seizures, severe incoordination, and torticollis.
They all pointed and smiled at the unfeathered prop blade.
AB also observed fledglings being fed small unfeathered nestling birds, once at Parque Provincial Cruce Caballero and once at Estancia Quinto Potrero, Departamento Caaguazti, Paraguay (25[degrees] 14' S, 56[degrees] 10' W).
Dermatitis characterized by vesicle and crust formation on the feet, digits, and occasionally unfeathered portions of the head has been described in chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese?
House Sparrows were 3 days old (hatching = day 0) when photographed; age was unknown for other species, but most nestlings were either unfeathered or had short pin feathers emerging from alar tracts.
2,5) Three forms are commonly described: a skin (dry) form with cutaneous wart-like lesions on unfeathered skin, a diphtheritic (wet) form in which lesions can be found in the upper gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts, and a systemic form in canaries.
Pox lesions involving feathered and unfeathered skin, the oral cavity, and the uropygial gland were found in Chinese jungle mynahs.