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Synonyms for unfeathered

having no feathers



not having feathers

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However, when the F1 generation is crossed, the F2 generation contains chickens with feathered shanks to unfeathered shanks in a ratio of 15 to one.
The lesions appeared on the skin in unfeathered areas of the backs, the eyelids, and the wings (Figure 1).
I pondered the actions of this fierce predator, discounting the romantic idea that it had paid tribute to me as a fellow predator--not sprawled as I was and unfeathered to boot.
But they're not dead, only prostrate with heat--fat, absurdly fuzzy, lying prone on rotund krill-filled bellies, wings outstretched, webbed feet raised in the air behind them, shedding heat through the only unfeathered parts of their bodies.
Orbital ring A ring of unfeathered skin around the eye.
Fortunately I was in a sitting room in the heart of England, not a pub in Wales, so I reached the end of the evening untarred and unfeathered.
Her "great feeling" in at last ousting her assailant, in having finally "done something good"--in saving daughter Nicola by bringing the skillet down on Charlo's head, gave an unfeathered hope.
With the gear down, an unfeathered prop and a probable turn toward the left engine, the Aztec's pilot had his hands full.
With whistling scythe, and elbow strong, These massacre the grass along: While one, unknowing, carves the rail, Whose yet unfeathered quills her fail.
They also took 10 fibreglass bows, 12 arrows and 100 unfeathered, silver aluminium arrows.
Favus--(1) A fungal disease of poultry caused by Achorion gallinae, characterized by yellowish-white, scaly lesions on the unfeathered portion of the head.
Adults have unfeathered red heads and yellow-white bills; immatures have naked gray heads and gray bills.
The "machinery of heaven" is the will, unfeathered and unfleshed in its noumenal status.
Multiple, variably sized, yellowish raised nodules were present on skin that was both feathered and unfeathered (Figs 1 and 2).
Young unfeathered birds attempted to leave the nest, but then realized they need to get strengthened and decided to return to the nest.