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the quality of not being doable

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Overall, the means/conditions of internationalization were understood in terms of the means and conditions that justified domestic action and point out the unfeasibility of internationalization for smaller firms given their lack of resources.
See Ponte, supra note 7, at 549 (arguing the unfeasibility of a compulsory licensing scheme).
This circular structure illustrates the unfeasibility of a cure; a cure which, as the author suggests, can only be achieved through the telling and retelling of these stories.
Second, the use of quantitative data to produce general aggregate indexes of good governance has two problems: in most of the cases the unfeasibility to realize cross-country and cross-time comparison, and the inability to assess short-term radical change, focusing more on the long-term trend.
22) The failure of "El Penon" points to the unfeasibility of a project that does not understand the infrastructure needs of the region: It was unable to offer the kind of training needed to achieve its goals.
Lootah said Nakheel would not reconsider "fore the time being" the launch of some projects that were cancelled on grounds of unfeasibility.
Such analysis suggests the unfeasibility of interpretations from either ideological extreme that consider transgressions of international law either absolutely critical or absolutely marginalized as factors relevant to countries' willingness to conduct foreign relations.
The third question that must also be asked here is: Can societies be modernized in light of the present corruption and instability of ruling regimes, and the unfeasibility of peaceful change in governments?
His unit repeatedly tried to recapture some of the lost areas in the south, even when military wisdom pointed to the unfeasibility of such an effort.
These parties continue to obstinately stick to obsolete settlement plans and the organization of a referendum with proven unfeasibility, he deplored, underlining their historical responsibility towards the Maghreban peoples, who face numerous challenges at a time multiple dangers hang over the region.
If no attribute can be ascribed to the divine nature, which is unknowable by human intellect, then the unfeasibility of the path of knowledge becomes inevitable.
The expulsionists constantly highlighted the unfeasibility of the assimilationists' objectives, of that negation of the identity opposed by fierce and, in their opinion, eternal resistance on the part of the target of their wrath, the Moriscos.
We sat down with all the parties involved, the Scottish FA and the Welsh Assembly Government and it became apparent the unfeasibility of the costs which would need to be put in place.
Unlike Olmert who recognized the unfeasibility of Plan A while leaving office, Israel's new Prime Minister, Tzipi Livni, may enter office with Plan B in sight.