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showing disapproval

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This is remarkably similar to Clinton's image among Hispanics in advance of the 2008 presidential primaries, in June 2007, when 63% viewed her favorably and 20% unfavorably.
2 ]Selling, general and administrative expenses for the second quarter of 2014 was unfavorably impacted by consulting fees of $3.
Then there was a huge drop-off to Syria and Afghanistan, which were each viewed mostly unfavorably by 32 percent or less than a third.
The ABC News/Washington Post Poll found that 53 percent of Americans view Obama's gun control plan favorably as compared to 41 percent who view it unfavorably.
John Franklin said he would review the final episodes, edit out portions that portray the department unfavorably and present those to the undersheriff and sheriff for final approval.
Seniors are now almost twice as likely to say they view the benefit unfavorably (45 percent) as favorably (23 percent).
I lost count of the number of former seafarers in the congregation who commented unfavorably on the updated version in Common Praise.
Placing young women in mixed facilities tends to work out unfavorably for the females.
The boys memorize prepared scripts that are worded in such a way as to generate embarrassment in the aggressor and deflect unfavorably upon his actions.
Possession of veto power supposedly assures Americans that no Security Council resolution would ever unfavorably impact the United States.
13) The commenter asserted that CMMC's denial ratios for minority applicants were higher than for nonminority applicants, and that those denial disparity ratios compared unfavorably with that of the aggregate of lenders in the MSAs.
There are other statements in the article that CCAL could challenge, but our point is that the article was not well researched and depicted our organization unfavorably without merit.
Major hospitals, civic centers and large, enclosed shopping malls also will have difficulty meeting their needs from insurers that view these operations unfavorably because they draw large concentrations of people.
Ironically, onl1y 18 months ago, New Jersey was being compared unfavorably to markets such as Boston and Washington DC because of their strength in the high tech sector.
Our contemporary politicians, who found it necessary to speak to us as sixth and seventh graders, compared unfavorably with Kennedy and Nixon, both of whom spoke in a vocabulary appropriate for tenth graders.