unfavorable position

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the quality of being a competitive disadvantage


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There's no shortage of possible explanations for the defeat: LCC was competing with other local governments for taxpayer support, its proposal had an unfavorable position on the ballot, the tuition increases and program cuts of recent years have taken a political toll, and the list goes on.
Obviously Kimi Raikonnen was equally impressive, climbing to third position from very last, an unfavorable position he found himself in following a bad choice of tires, but at the end of day he was the more experienced driver who did not manage to win.
Under such circumstances, Bush at first appeared to be in an overwhelmingly advantageous position, but Senator John Kerry of the Democratic Party had a good showing despite his unfavorable position in the presidential campaign.
Hedman said therapists can work with a patient all day to improve his range of motion, only to find the next morning that the patient had maintained an unfavorable position all night and must begin again "at square one.
The catalyst for the new buildings came in 1997, when the Oilers - with flagging attendance and an unfavorable position as the secondary tenant in the Astrodome - left for Tennessee.
This is nothing but a foolish attempt to improve the unfavorable position in which it finds itself as regards the issue of bilateral relations,'' it said.
Turkey has lost touch with the psychological modes of the Arabic world, and has declined an unfavorable position within the Organization of Islam Conferences (OIC).
If the person is in an unfavorable position, only one airbag stage may be activated, or the bag may not be triggered at all.
Varying treatments of these expenses in the Internal Revenue Code, in two Internal Revenue Service revenue rulings and in a Tax Court holding put the IRS in an unfavorable position.
Faced with an unfavorable position so early in a game, a human player would either give up or try something drastic.
He reminds that during such visits, the leaders of opposition parties are in an unfavorable position because they have no details regarding the foreigners' agenda.
It begins with a cis-trans isomerisation taking place at a double bond, a kind of rearrangement -- in an extremely unfavorable position in spatial terms, though, in which large side groups fight for space.
Energy companies should not fear that the new energy law will put them in an unfavorable position, said Dimitar Petrov, President of the Regulatory Energy Commission, Thursday.
Security professionals are tasked with protecting critical assets, but until now they have been hindered by technology shortcomings that forced them into an unfavorable position of reactive threat assessment," said Stephen Russell, CEO of 3VR Security.
Simon Dyson, author of the report ``Global Music Industry: Facts and Forecasts,'' believes the major music labels have not acted decisively enough to stem the rise of digital piracy and now find themselves in an unfavorable position.