unfavorable judgment

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If you have an email to refer back to, and can provide your client with a copy of it at the time dissatisfaction is expressed or reference a request they thought they made, you may be able to prevent a potential E&O claim or avoid an unfavorable judgment.
An unfavorable judgment could have cost insurers more than a billion pounds, said international law firm Lovells, which normally acts for defendants in such cases.
In United Kingdom, following an initial unfavorable judgment, Technip won its case on appeal,
PITTSBURGH -- Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:ATI) announced that it learned today that an unfavorable judgment has been issued in a case involving the Company's Metalworking Products business.
Cambior has attempted to work with the Selling Group and CMPSA minority shareholders to assess the impact of the unfavorable judgment and bring resolution to the matter.
Despite the unfavorable judgment, "PG&E Gas Transmission, Texas Corporation is committed to continuing to serve the citizens of Edinburg by providing high quality gas service to this city and the Rio Grande Valley," said de la Garza.
While the amount and timing of any payment under this suit is uncertain, the company's flexibility to sustain an unfavorable judgment has been improved, Standard & Poor's said.
Legal risk refers to the risk that results from unenforceable contracts, breach of contract, law suits and unfavorable judgments.
The unfavorable judgments come from Catholics, who have seen the church, once visualized as the People of God on the march through history, frozen in its steps.
In order to insulate itself against debts resulting from unfavorable judgments, a business entity may seek to operate unencumbered by significant assets.
Strongly unfavorable judgments, such as this one, should help place this publisher on notice that the scholarly community will hold its offerings to higher standards.