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Synonyms for unfastening

loosening the ties that fasten something

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On unfastening the latch to the back door he entered in search of the resident ghoul and bravely explored the vacant house.
Even though it means unfastening a few buttons, I always have a pudding.
London, May 17 ( ANI ): Prince Philip, who caught an eyeful of a sexy blonde, could not resist a joke about unfastening her zip-fronted dress.
Method For Detection Of Unfastening Or Removal Of Absorbent Article From The Body: No.
the new one and this is done through unfastening the four old pieces and
Brian Measor was seen by police standing over the cenotaph in the town centre unfastening his belt and trousers.
before we ever got them to the tongue's small unfastening of a
The feed roll and interior of the feed section are accessible by unfastening two swing bolts and lowering the attached swing-down cartridge by means of an electromechanical cylinder.
to cope with fastening, adjusting and unfastening belts", according to Government documents released by The National Archives.
The kit includes hook-and-loop closures to replace laces for reportedly easier fastening and unfastening of shoes.
Detach the floor by unfastening the hook-and-pile fasteners.
Rachel Elnaugh: Failed to deliver' Nick Rawcliffe with Snowbones, which enables snowboarders to hop off without unfastening the clasp Picture: EDDIE BARFORD' Nick with his garden design
However I do have experience of the contorted face of a protester on the windscreen of my car trying to rip the wipers off, and also of a mob unfastening a metal security barrier with the clear intent of putting it through the windscreen.
N A child unfastening his own harness or a child kneeling on the back seat;
Anyway, Ray found not word one in the brochure about never, ever removing or unfastening the bracelet during the celebration's three-day run.