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Synonyms for unfastened

not closed or secured


affording unobstructed entrance and exit


Related Words

not buttoned


not tied


References in classic literature ?
The ape-man cuffed him aside and unfastened the rope from the tree.
He unfastened the rope from about the tree and, with Numa close at his side, slunk into No Man's Land.
Sick as he was, Dave resented being taken out, grunting and growling while the traces were unfastened, and whimpering broken-heartedly when he saw Sol-leks in the position he had held and served so long.
He unfastened the latch, opened the door and began listening on the staircase.
Raskolnikov unfastened the hook, opened the door--there was no sound.
Presently he got the bag unfastened and plunged his hands into it.
I went down, unfastened the door, and let him in, and locked the door again.
The flaps of the cartridge boxes were all unfastened, and bobbed idiotically with each movement.
Tribune News Network Doha The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), in collaboration with Al Mana Computer Services and Qatar Computer Services, dealers of Lenovo products in Qatar, has announced the recall of 5th generation Lenovo Laptop ThinkPad X1 Carbon over possible overheating of battery due to an unfastened screw.
The company found that an unfastened screw can harm the battery, resulting in overheating and a fire risk.
A total of 39,363 people were fined for unfastened seatbelts, followed by 31,767 for careless driving, 26,487 for decorative or unauthorised registration plates 24,156 for using mobile phones while driving and 17,916 for driving without a licence.
The inquest in Ruthin yesterday heard that Mr Blanchard had intentionally unfastened the four buckles on his harness after landing in the tree.
Keep your arms up, son,' the trooper said as he gently unfastened the lethal explosive bandage-which is believed to have been strapped to the boy's torso by a member of the dreaded terrorist group.
The elastic ankle band is a slightly heavier material with a Velcrohook overlock piece so it doesn't get unfastened unintentionally.