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Synonyms for unfasten

Synonyms for unfasten

Antonyms for unfasten

cause to become undone

become undone or untied

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His product Snowbones, which enables snowboarders to hop on and off their board without stooping to unfasten the clasps, was hailed as a money-spinner.
If only a few pieces are tight and you can't find the contractor who installed it, buy an unlocking ("zip") tool and unfasten the section above, exposing the nails (Photos 2 and 3).
Transport Canada has warned airlines that operate the aircraft to carry extra fuel as a precaution as the coupling in one of the fuel tanks has a tendency to unfasten, letting fuel flow inadvertently to another tank.
Unfasten and re-attach any fencing /shields attached to tank that may interfere with application of coatings.
Place dumpling on top of a plate, unfasten string and open up, then place second plate on top of exposed dumpling and using both plates turn upside down.
Unbolt the cantilever bridge of lies, Ritual monotony of the twisted ties, Coincidental sacrifices served with fries, Unfasten the relationship behind your eyes.
by Myrrha Stanford-Smith He reached to unfasten the head collar and found his fingers were still clenched round the coins in his hand.
15pm on a recent Tuesday, two youths on bikes were just about to unfasten a dog's lead outside British Home Stores.
Rather than trying to unfasten the thermocouple inside the water heater's burning chamber, it's easier to remove the whole burner and thermocouple assembly.
But like the original characters, they don't hold back, so don't be too surprised to find Manuel trying to unfasten your trousers or take away your food before you've finished.
They can be used as a step-in pant for stand up changes or as a nappy for lie down changes - just unfasten the tabs and tear the sides
This collaboration would unfasten the way for merging in nuclear engineering reinforcement, the supply of emergency diesel generators and supply chain management.
I couldn't do up buttons, fasten or unfasten a zip," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.
I couldn't unfasten my seat belt but somehow I managed it.
Melbourne, Dec 17 (ANI): The battle to fasten and unfasten lingerie using those tricky bra hooks seems to have come to an end - thanks to magnets.