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Synonyms for unfasten

Synonyms for unfasten

Antonyms for unfasten

cause to become undone

become undone or untied

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Operators only need to unfasten one nut and bolt as opposed to several nut and bolt sub-assemblies, which accompany bolted flange designs.
L) Put the shoulder harness behind you, but keep your lap belt fastened (B) Unfasten the safety belt
The nuns relaxed all rules of etiquette that day, allowing us to untuck our shirts, unfasten a few more buttons, construct paper fans, take regular trips to the drinking fountain down the hall.
First you need to unfasten all the glued or stapled flaps so you can collapse the box.
When Bonaventure became minister general of the Franciscan Order in 1257, he "understood that the only way to unfasten the grip of Francis's dead hand was to offer an alternative that would transform Francis's history into a new, less action-oriented, and less radical message" (147).
LifeBelt also helps parents with toddlers who are in booster seats and might have figured out how to unfasten their seat belt.
However, they were unable to unfasten Mr Mansell's seat belt before the nine-seater Britten-Norman Islander plane sank on October 21.
Likewise, unfasten the hook and loop fastener on the front of the vest.
His product Snowbones, which enables snowboarders to hop on and off their board without stooping to unfasten the clasps, was hailed as a money-spinner.
Actually, it was when he tried to unfasten it that the connector broke.
Transport Canada has warned airlines that operate the aircraft to carry extra fuel as a precaution as the coupling in one of the fuel tanks has a tendency to unfasten, letting fuel flow inadvertently to another tank.
This collaboration would unfasten the way for merging in nuclear engineering reinforcement, the supply of emergency diesel generators and supply chain management.
Unbolt the cantilever bridge of lies, Ritual monotony of the twisted ties, Coincidental sacrifices served with fries, Unfasten the relationship behind your eyes.
by Myrrha Stanford-Smith He reached to unfasten the head collar and found his fingers were still clenched round the coins in his hand.
15pm on a recent Tuesday, two youths on bikes were just about to unfasten a dog's lead outside British Home Stores.