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Synonyms for unfashionable

Synonyms for unfashionable

not in accord with or not following current fashion


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While the backwardness and unfashionableness offered by Burmese stars and television programmes contrasts sharply with the triumph of beauty, modernity and wealth offered by Thai television, Bollywood and Hollywood movies provide a distance version of modernity, which Shan audiences may find less accessible or applicable to their local situation.
The unfashionableness of these three terms--the subject, truth and universality--shows the force of this text's polemical intervention in our postmodern moment.
In Australia, however, the unfashionableness of Hall's `critical paradigm' can be easily overestimated because of the considerable influence within Australian cultural studies of former fellow travellers of Hall.
Within this context and by his own admission, Hawthorn risks unfashionableness with his continuing commitment to Marxism as an explanatory theory for historical processes.
Today, the ignominious collapse of "actually existing socialism" in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, the spectacular hegemony of "democratic capitalism" throughout the Third World, and the thoroughgoing unfashionableness of Marxist discourse in Western academic life have occasioned yet another round of reflections on Marxism's prospects (if any).