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with determination

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As my excited 13-year-old daughter and I watched Jessie bring on the bling, the pop diva hit every soaring note and riffed unfalteringly.
Resilient people unfalteringly accept reality, have an extraordinary ability to adapt to significant change, and deeply believe that life is meaningful (Burns & Anstey, 2010).
As lung cancer sapped the strength of Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak, best known for her colorful image of The Enchanted Owl first produced on Canada's 1970 six cent stamp, she unfalteringly created art.
They argued that despite their gender, they were not less worthy since god had purified them thoroughly by his grace so that they could face all sorts of persecutions unfalteringly.
When there's a major tournament, everyone's suddenly a huge fan -- or worse, an interminable expert -- but a clutch of Monnot establishments host those who are unfalteringly committed to the beautiful game year round.
I gave her wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife, but sometimes tests her strengths and her resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly.
This might lead us to accept that Miller was as unfalteringly negative about the subject as Lacan, reading the "I myself go on and on and on" as another example of the alienating movement of the signifier and the unconscious .
The first volume explores how organizations, individually and in partnership, can focus unfalteringly on sustainable functioning while the Earth, the global economy, and society approach key limits.
The power of God had carried them to the foot of the throne, carried grandmaw and paw and maw and the baby, carried dumb Effa and Elsa and Jim, had carried them unfalteringly on through fields of wheat, across rolling prairies, over high mountains, past the heat and plague of the desert, right to the Temple of His secret bliss, right to the red velvet rope drawn across the aisle.
From a historical standpoint, Personal Memoirs is almost unfalteringly accurate.
Suppose something has been entrusted to me; it is the property of someone else and I acknowledge this because it is so, and I keep myself unfalteringly in this relationship.
He holds on to this belief unfalteringly, does not recognise his friends or family, and seems to have no recollection of his previous life.
I bring thee a song that, when thou must indeed come, thou com unfalteringly.
Despite being a relative newcomer to the live circuit, Bishop seems right at home on stage, his unfalteringly frank account of his life eliciting laughter even from himself at times.
GARETH HAWKINS, Birmingham NOBODY deserves the star award more than Woody for his unfalteringly catchy songs over the years, from the early stuff to anything he may produce henceforth.