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Synonyms for unfairness

Synonyms for unfairness

partiality that is not fair or equitable

injustice by virtue of not conforming with rules or standards

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Consumers perceive price unfairness when they learn they have missed a promotion, a situation which elicits negative emotions and behavioral responses.
It does not need much imagination to see the unfairness in the water rates payment system.
The equal opportunities handbook; how to deal with everyday issues of unfairness, 4th ed.
A SPANISH club chief staged a bizarre off-the-cuff protest against unfairness last weekend.
While people are renting our properties to students and receiving pounds 50 for every student but pay no council tax, the unfairness of the system is striking.
At the age of 15 she was taking studies to prepare for her first communion in her Presbyterian church--and wrestling continually with the unfairness of life.
Also, there would be unequal treatment--some taxpayers would fully pay their tax liability while others would have theirs compromised due to perceived unfairness in the law.
Birnbaum said the fraud points to a system where insurance companies are relying on data that isn't secure and it shows the unfairness of the insurance-scoring system.
Dear Silicon Jack: I think your article hits the nail on the head in many ways ["Dying for My Country," September 2004], the unfairness of the hook to get kids to join, and for sure the cowardliness of the ones now sending our youth to war.
Chester is simply overwhelmed at the unfairness of it all and tears roll down his cheek.
GREG Dyke, former director general of the BBC now in full whining mode about the unfairness of his removal from the job after his bundled handling of the Gilligan affair, has called for the abolition of the BBC's governors.
Unless we mourn properly our hurts, our losses, life's unfairness, our shattered dreams, our radical inconsummation, and the life that we once had but that has now passed us by, we will live either in an unhealthy fantasy or an ever-intensifying bitterness.
The study also examined theories from the psychology of justice and trust literature for predicting the attitudes of the parents regarding their dissatisfaction with the juvenile court system, the unfairness of the third parties (that is, social work mediators or judges), and the degree of settlement achieved in the cases.
McMenamin gladly accepts unfairness in business but bitterly decries unfairness in the judicial system.
Life might not be fair, Hatch asserted, but to ignore that unfairness would be to "chip away at the American dream.