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in an unfair manner

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I must say you tax me very unfairly with being a bad correspondent.
Thereupon, finding Tess unfairly browbeaten, the husbands and lovers tried to make peace by defending her; but the result of that attempt was directly to increase the war.
The guard treated him unfairly, lied about him to the warden, lost his credits, persecuted him.
The other replied that all his antagonist said was true, and that he did not choose to give him more than four reals because he very often gave him money; and that those who expected presents ought to be civil and take what is given them with a cheerful countenance, and not make any claim against winners unless they know them for certain to be sharpers and their winnings to be unfairly won; and that there could be no better proof that he himself was an honest man than his having refused to give anything; for sharpers always pay tribute to lookers-on who know them.
She could not endure that such a friendship as theirs should be severed unfairly.
But now you have been kind to us, and I feel as if it would be treating you unfairly not to tell you all that I know about the matter.
UNFAIRLY sacked town hall official Karen Whitmore is back - just months after receiving a PS77,000 compensation pay out.
This follows the Section 232 investigation initiated by the Department of Commerce in April 2017 to assess the threats to the national security of the United States caused by unfairly traded imports.
Sheen, founder of the End High Cost Credit Alliance, said: "The Alliance aims to take a collaborative approach to the issues around highcost credit and to tackling those who unfairly target the most vulnerable in our society.
An attorney on behalf of Parker argued that the law banning teacher-student sex unfairly treats educators differently by making "private consensual sexual relationships" a crime.
FOR more than 20 years I was in the position of judging cases for unfair dismissal in Newcastle, which was a fair and honest system for employees who have been treated unfairly at their place of work.
Cuomo announced a proposed regulation to protect New Yorkers from what he sees as excessive and unfairly discriminatory auto insurance rates.
Sexist is a man who discriminates against women or treats women unfairly.
Foreign producers of wire rod also continue to threaten the domestic industry with additional injury due to their massive and growing production capacity and extensive unused capacity that will be used to export large volumes of unfairly low-priced and subsidized product to the United States, petitioners add.