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India, May 18 -- The Indian mobile phone market has seen a decline in sales for the first time in 20 years due to increased competition, unexciting phones, increased taxes and online 'flash sales'.
As they sink deeper into stifling relationships and unexciting vocations, their inheritance is frittered away by the grasping wife of their henpecked brother, Archie, while they all pine for London.
While Armstrong is pushing for a merger, Mayer finds the idea of the merger as 'small, unexciting, uninspiring and backward-looking.
Chidambaram on Thursday unveiled an unexciting budget, bereft of much-anticipated reforms measures, leaving stock markets and the urban middle-class disappointed.
There's talent here, but Vilianueva, like a young artist still influenced by his elders, needs to find his own style or he'll become a skilled yet unexciting copyist.
That's why some people think it's real because she's very unexciting.
But Les Bleus' unexciting performance in Edinburgh has not convinced bookmakers that they can overcome their redrawn crowded schedule.
Farah is faced with the dilemma of how to complete this assignment as she perceives her mother to be a relatively bland, unexciting Muslim woman.
An unexciting touchphone portfolio, inventory correction, wavering demand for the Symbian platform and limited presence in the huge US market continued to weigh on Nokia's near-term performance.
With the name, "Every Dog," and an unexciting television commercial, Melody's team lost.
Technology-oriented B2B companies are usually regarded as relatively unexciting, and not exactly a textbook example for social media.
It was apparent even then that the Sox needed some sort of retooling, but GM Theo Epstein's moves in the aftermath of that were unexciting, except for the inspired signing of Adrian Beltre.
With all these renovations though, the founders kept their very static and unexciting web presence.
Summary: September returns unexciting for main commodity indices
The internet can be a powerful tool but sometimes you can find yourself bored of searching through unexciting web pages.