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not excited

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We are pretty unexcited by the outlook of gold," Charles Morris, head of absolute return at HSBC Global Asset Management, said.
However, fans are said to be unexcited at the prospect of seeing this match-up.
The report reviewed nine priorities to be implemented; a twining plan to be presented to donors, implementing fingerprint and photo system to get rid of unexcited employees and of double jobs in the army and civil service, approving a partnership document with CSOs, transparency reports on minerals industries, appointing the news members of the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption, power reform plans, reform programs with International Monetary Fund, increasing donors' funds to human condition and reconstruction and Yemen's join to Deauville Partnership with Arab Countries in Transition.
They did not see the need for a talking shop in the north-east of England, were unimpressed by proposed changes to their local government, and were unexcited by the PCCs.
1: unalarmed and unexcited animal that walks slowly away from the evaluator2: slightly alarmed animal that trots away from the evaluator3: moderately alarmed and excited animal that runs away from the evaluator4: very alarmed and excited animal that runs with head held high and may charge the evaluator5: animal very excited and aggressive in a manner thatrequires evasive actions by the evaluator to avoid contact.
Positive expectation skill relates to individual beliefs, if the individual predicted that everything he does wrong will lead to the assumption or expectation that it does not benefit from the hard work and here will become unexcited to work and not interested in it.
In the work [2] peculiarities of interference of reactive components of harmonic electric and magnetic fields are studied on the example of three well-known problems: 1) light passing through the transparent plane-parallel plate at an angle of incidence exceeding the critical angle of total internal reflection, 2) the formation of a refracted wave in the region of total internal reflection from a semi-infinite medium and 3) radiationless transport of energy between excited and unexcited atoms.
IT SEEMS churlish to remain unexcited at the prospect of extra money, but the new bonuses for Sunday racing have registered no higher than 'ho-hum' on the internal scale of exhilaration.
Lyapunov second method enables to consider the stability or the asymptotic stability in a certain area Q, in general with the linear or nonlinear system, (of both excited and unexcited system).
He was unexcited by the crossing of arbitrary lines to score imaginary points that had no real-world currency.
While the data is not overly concerning for now, its lumpiness and lack of momentum has kept investors unexcited about Qatari banking despite what we view as a clear medium to long term growth story that remains quite intact.
Analysts said the expected massive marketing campaign and features of the handset - billed as the official smartphone of the London 2012 Olympics - were likely enough to generate strong sales, but the launch left many of them unexcited.
Research reported in Psychology Today has shown that it could be creating a new generation of young men who are so desensitized by extreme online images that they are wholly unexcited by ordinary sexual encounters.
Then what," Benazir asked yet again, unexcited and frowning.