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not excited

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Lyapunov second method enables to consider the stability or the asymptotic stability in a certain area Q, in general with the linear or nonlinear system, (of both excited and unexcited system).
He was unexcited by the crossing of arbitrary lines to score imaginary points that had no real-world currency.
While the data is not overly concerning for now, its lumpiness and lack of momentum has kept investors unexcited about Qatari banking despite what we view as a clear medium to long term growth story that remains quite intact.
Analysts said the expected massive marketing campaign and features of the handset - billed as the official smartphone of the London 2012 Olympics - were likely enough to generate strong sales, but the launch left many of them unexcited.
Unbeaten but unexcited, the 26-year-old almost accepted an eighth professional triumph apologetically.
Summary: Goldman Sachs' Jim O'Neill cautions that unless the fall out of the Greek debt restructuring results in fresh challenges for Italy and Spain, it's best to remain unexcited about it.
To return these modes to the unexcited phase is the goal of the treatment.
If you're exhausted, unexcited and uninspired by your own life and see no light at the end of the tunnel, Becoming Ginger Rogers may be that light.
It means the excited prospect who scanned your code is now unexcited because your "desktop site" does not look good and does not display well on the small screen.
Luckily for Danny Boy, a distinctly unexcited Scott Maslen pipped him to the post.
A Sky News poll revealed that only eight percent people are "very excited", compared with 60 percent who are unexcited about the event.
The fact that there are paparazzi around him at all is something Khalifa pretends to be unexcited by, but back in his hotel room, when he watches a video of himself leaving a club, he turns his laptop screen toward Dzombak so he can get a better view.
Additionally, North American Mennonite communities, which he characterizes as generally being unexcited about core Anabaptist principles, are, in fact, often animated by creative nonviolent peace witness, commitment to social justice, and participatory Jesus-centered discipleship.
At first glance the job may seem unexcited and boring.
A group of atoms in thermal equilibrium (having reached the same temperature as its surroundings) tends to have more atoms with unexcited electrons than excited ones.