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in an unambiguous manner

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The unusual sounds were unequivocally though still faintly audible.
Others rather inclined to the belief that he had projected some distant tour, and was at present occupied in effecting the preliminary arrangements; but this again was stoutly denied by Sam himself, who had unequivocally stated, when cross-examined by Mary, that no new journeys were to be undertaken.
Glegg had always augured ill of Maggie's future at a time when other people were perhaps less clear-sighted, yet fair play was a jewel, and it was not for her own friends to help to rob the girl of her fair fame, and to cast her out from family shelter to the scorn of the outer world, until she had become unequivocally a family disgrace.
I unequivocally state that if a non-First Nation village or town near to Loon Lake needed fire department help and had owed Loon Lake $3,400, the Loon Lake Fire Department would have helped without hesitation.
Summary: Midelt - HM King Mohammed VI called on the international community to clearly and unequivocally say who is responsible for obstructing the negotiation process on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.
To give everyone assurance, I want to state up front, unequivocally and without doubt, that I do not believe any racial, gender or ethnic group has an advantage in sound judging.
Association have stressed they intend to "vigorously and unequivocally defend" their bylaw banning drug cheats for life after Dwain Chambers officially began his legal challenge to earn the right to run in Beijing.
Residences will feature open layouts with spacious great rooms, oversized windows with unequivocally the most beautiful views of Manhattan.
Further Kellogg states: "Contrary to all religions and philosophies, Kabbalah states clearly and unequivocally that spiritual ascent means increased pleasure .
Our data shows that the use of donor milk has unequivocally improved outcomes for our NICU patients,'' says Randenberg.
The university stands unequivocally in support of his First Amendment rights and his rights to academic freedom," she said.
Vintage porn might be the last place one would expect to encounter Arcadia, but Tracy Nakayama unequivocally positions it there.
As ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero said unequivocally in a statement issued that same day, "The ACLU will not be intimidated.
He also unequivocally condemned the principle of pre-emptive attacks.
It unsettles me when we ourselves imitate the racism of the mainstream media by unequivocally equating hip-hop with drugs, gangs and crime.