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without necessary physical or intellectual equipment

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Produced by a renowned creative team that includes an Emmy Award-winning creative director, Hi-Tech Hijinks helps children find answers to technology questions that parents are often unequipped to address.
With an opportunity of over 10,000,000 unequipped vehicles in three vertical markets, our commercial sales force remains focused on contracting with new clients and progressively increasing deployment of services within our current client base.
Paul reminds us that we are never alone or unequipped for the challenges of discipleship.
The content of services is mainly the following - Waste collection (with provision collectors on unequipped websites)- Routing to waste treatment centers,- The recovery of waste,- The traceability of transactions and statistics on the performance of the service,- Technical and administrative assistance as necessary sites,- Conducting awareness campaigns on sorting and waste recycling,- Etc.
The vast majority of the migrants are fleeing war and conflict in Syria and Afghanistan, and the influx has overwhelmed Greek authorities, particularly on the islands, many of which are small tourist destinations unequipped to deal with mass arrivals of refugees.
Kyle Prigmore, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group: "The proliferation of the Internet of Things has created a world of new security concerns that enterprises are largely unequipped for and are continually scrambling to address.
In a study of approximately 16,000 undergraduate faculty members by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, researchers found that at 45 percent, nearly half of all faculty believe their peers are unequipped to handle diversity-related conflict, but that sentiment resonates more strongly in minorities.
However, alleged spec details revealed that Nexus 6 is still unequipped with 64-bit processor unlike with Nexus 9.
Failure to act could lead to young girls attempting to bring up childen when they are wholly unequipped to do so.
The soldiers had been "taking part in patrolling a section of the Russian-Ukrainian border; they crossed it most likely by accident, on an unequipped, unmarked section", Russian news agencies quoted the source as saying.
I think some deliberately go unequipped, and take chances to get rescued and have a free ride in the helicopter.
In the first accident, which occurred last month, as many as 75 CDC employees may have been exposed to live anthrax bacteria after potentially infectious samples were sent to laboratories unequipped to handle them.
If we find any polling station unequipped, then the venue could be changed.
We are sending our children out into the world unequipped to make responsible choices which protect them from the unintended consequences of sex.
We now reap what we sowed - a public totally unequipped to fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship.