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without necessary physical or intellectual equipment

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A shrinking economy and political stagnation has left the state unequipped and unable to deal with the fallout from the extreme weather.
The location of this entry/ exit point is unequipped to handle a large crowd and at the same time it could create trouble for the residents of the area as it would clash with the U- turn under the Savitri flyover," said Chetan Sharma, Chairman, Federation of GKII Complex RWAs.
32 % neonates brought to hospital in an unequipped vehicle expired versus 2.
Mark Celinscak's Distance from the Belsen Heap offers the unique and haunting perspective of the language, metaphors, and narratives of many of those Canadian and British eyewitnesses -- virtually all of whom held the belief that "camp" meant a "work" facility for political prisoners, not a murderous hellhole of starvation, disease, and violence: "What was now present before their eyes was previously unthinkable a world men felt totally unprepared and unequipped to grasp," writes Celinscak.
The vast majority of the migrants are fleeing war and conflict in Syria and Afghanistan, and the influx has overwhelmed Greek authorities, particularly on the islands, many of which are small tourist destinations unequipped to deal with mass arrivals of refugees.
Beginning with the weeks following Appomattox, the author uses a vast amount of source documents, including personal correspondence, military records, and medical records, to argue that, though northerners were eager to welcome home their soldiers, most communities were unequipped to deal with the myriad psychological and medical issues returning veterans presented.
When the internet became an important communications platform, I felt unequipped to effectively manage the marketing communications of my job.
In a study of approximately 16,000 undergraduate faculty members by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, researchers found that at 45 percent, nearly half of all faculty believe their peers are unequipped to handle diversity-related conflict, but that sentiment resonates more strongly in minorities.
Failure to act could lead to young girls attempting to bring up childen when they are wholly unequipped to do so.
We are sending our children out into the world unequipped to make responsible choices which protect them from the unintended consequences of sex.
We now reap what we sowed - a public totally unequipped to fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship.
Tony Blair was his UK mouthpiece hence we went to war unequipped and without a clear strategy, a move which eventually cost hundreds of our young soldiers their lives, lives which were lost in vain, for no weapons of mass destruction were found.
In all of our efforts at believing, we are not alone or unequipped.
District Health Officer Quetta Mohammad Sher Satakzai ironically admitted that the illegal business was on the rise noting unequipped Drug Control Cell, lack of coordination among the health departments, Drug Testing Laboratory and Drug Control Cell is also making the situation more worst.
They have proved themselves woefully unequipped to organize voters.