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in an unequal or partial manner


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While it may be easy to true up the other children for gifts made to one, leaving money unequally to someone based on career choices can be tougher.
One experimenter divided the toys equally, and the other experimenter divided the toys unequally, as shown in this video:
The consequences of these decisions will affect different groups in Egyptian society unequally.
It shows clearly how this considerable wealth is distributed unequally - certainly not based on need or effort.
He did not have any evidence that he was excluded, disadvantaged, or treated unequally, or any proof that he would have been had he attended the class.
HAVING watched with great interest and listened to the firefighters' genuine claims for keeping their terms and conditions on pay, it is quite easy to see how firefighters are treated disgracefully and unequally by this Government.
Employees made redundant by the same employer on the same day and under the same voluntary redundancy plan, are being treated unequally," said the letter.
Summary: When the benefits of economic growth are distributed very unequally, social bonds fray.
But inheritances are unequally distributed, with households that are already relatively wealthy far more likely to benefit.
Whereas sovereignty became the hot topic in the West in 1648 with the Peace of Westphalia, the modern concept of sovereignty was introduced in China in the nineteenth century forcefully and unequally by the British Empire.
Disposal of all garbage by unequally unscrupulous residents has also compounded the already miserable state of the area.
Courts and judicial centers are also spread unequally across provinces and cities of the country.
The charity said the problem of infant mortality could be addressed by closing the equity gap in a developing country like India where economic benefits have been shared unequally.
About the Author: Vanessa Lynn is a nationally published playwright with a distribution deal for her plays Affairs and Unequally Yoked,and upcoming DVD Boss Lady.
The depressing thing about this week's Autumn Statement from the Chancellor is how unequally the pain gets shared.