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Synonyms for unenviable

Synonyms for unenviable

hard to deal with

so undesirable as to be incapable of arousing envy

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Whoever is chosen as Lions coach in chief will have the unenviable task of matching Carwyn James' achievements in 1971 and restoring the northern hemisphere's somewhat tattered reputation.
Summary: BEIRUT: Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati is in an unenviable position, according to the general coordinator of the March 14 coalition.
FORMER Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell is in the running for the unenviable Bad Sex In Literature Award.
I pay tribute to the council employees whose unenviable task it is to pick such rubbish up - but why does it have to happen in the first place?
Restoring the stunning property has been a labour of love for the Whitbourners but the Hall still requires tens of thousands of pounds for restoration - and getting all the residents to agree on where they do things first is an unenviable task.
WITH Waterloo's chances of avoiding relegation at the end of this season fast disappearing they have the unenviable task taking on Loughborough Students at Blundellsands this Saturday (2.
This poor assistant had the unenviable task of ensuring Hollywood star Katie Holmes and daughter Suri stayed dry in the rain.
The 20-year-old Scot has inherited the unenviable task of carrying the nation's hopes following this year's retirement of Henman, 33, and Greg Rusedski, 34.
The first live match of today's Premiership double-bill comes from Goodison Park, where the Toffees face an unenviable test against the champions.
Stourbridge are looking to bounce back from their loss to Henley with the unenviable task of beating Wharfedale in their North Yorkshire stronghold.
OK, not the funniest thing you've ever heard, but a light-hearted response to the unenviable task of chasing Jose Mourinho's men.
That the Cubs find themselves in such an unenviable spot with barely two months left in the season is largely because of a horrendously timed, eight-game losing streak June 30-July 7, with seven of those losses coming against potential wild-card challengers Washington and Atlanta.
Glickman's supporters argue that he has had the unenviable task of taking over a lobbying group that was led by one larger-than-life figure, Jack Valenti, for more than 30 years.
SUSSEXbooked an unenviable trip to Old Trafford in the C&G Trophy quarter-finals following a comfortable victory over Nottinghamshire yesterday, writes Ed Hawkins.
As the historian John Hope Franklin has pointed out, the first generation of black historians in this country had the unenviable task of actually proving black humanity.