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Synonyms for unenthusiastic

Synonyms for unenthusiastic

lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm, or involvement

Antonyms for unenthusiastic

not enthusiastic

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They're obviously unenthusiastic about his plans to wreak havoc in the streets, so perhaps the only question is whether they can convince Aoun to halt a tactic that can bring with it only more turmoil and chaos.
All right, thanks' is what you think of your cheese and pickle sandwich" Broadcaster Vanessa Feltz chides Andy Murray for his unenthusiastic response when asked "How was the wedding?
The fact that Dean is still sticking to his guns and genuinely doesn't believe that he's guilty of rape makes you wonder if all his previous sexual partners have been as unenthusiastic as Linda was.
The average rating among participants was an unenthusiastic 5, according to a paper published in the July 4,2014 issue of the journal Science.
Gold jumped on Thursday on physical buying after prices plunged to a six-month low, but investors remained unenthusiastic because of a brighter global economic outlook and speculation of an imminent end to the US monetary stimulus.
ISLAMABAD -- The government's first 100 days performance remained unenthusiastic as it completely failed to establish parliamentary committees and attendance of Prime Minister, cabinet and government members in assembly remained very low during 100 days.
Iceland's political parties were making their final push to win over unenthusiastic voters, ahead of the legislative elections, on 27 April, that are expected to signal the end of the country's bid for European Union membership.
And while the men in the clip appear to be unenthusiastic about the campaign, the women said that anyone against Decembeaver isn't worth the time.
The Afro-Cuban Santeria religion may owe much to Roman Catholicism, but many Santeros are decidedly unenthusiastic about Pope Benedict XVI's tour of Cuba, Fox News reported Mar.
6) What nontraditional approaches can motivate unenthusiastic students?
Some publishers were unenthusiastic about the plan, fearing that it could lower the value of books and strain their relationship with other book retailers, the report said.
Backers are hoping to capitalize on a still murky Republican field, with voters unenthusiastic about de facto frontrunner, former Massachusetts Gove.
Arguing that an unenthusiastic Union public, and particularly a politically weakened Lincoln, were vulnerable to a morale crushing Southern victory in the later years of the Civil War, Bernstein, an independent scholar, examines Confederate general Jubal Early's march on Washington and the reasons for its ultimate failure.
African nations have been generally unenthusiastic about seeing a new state in South Sudan with concerns that it will fuel secessionist tendencies elsewhere in Africa.
There has been a largely unenthusiastic reaction among Israelis and Palestinians to a Middle East policy speech by America's top diplomat.