unemployment compensation

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payment by a United States agency to unemployed people

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Staffing in the Unemployment Compensation system will remain below pre-furlough levels.
The state legislature is permitted to appropriate money to the state Unemployment Compensation Fund.
However, any testimony or records used in resolving an unemployment compensation claim may be used in any employer-employee related dispute, provided the party seeking to use the records obtains judicial approval to do so.
After completing some final computer programming over Thanksgiving weekend, the department will send notices telling claimants which EUC tier they are in, if applicable, and will be able to tell them how many weeks of emergency unemployment compensation and extended benefits they have remaining.
So, Hilderbrand is incorrect to characterize the first 26 weeks of unemployment compensation as an "insurance" program.
The appeals court agreed with the parties that the appropriate review standard on the unauthorized practice issues was "clearly erroneous" as there were "mixed questions of law and fact" demanding significant deference to IDES's "experience in construing and applying" the unemployment compensation statutes.
Kiplinger's online report touted Arkansas because of its multiple tax exemptions for retirement income, including Social Security, Veterans Administration benefits, workers compensation, tier I and tier 2 railroad retirement benefits and unemployment compensation.
Now, 2,050 people get unemployment compensation in Kyrgyzstan.
The bill addresses the projected deficit in the Unemployment Compensation (UC) Trust Fund by increasing the wage base on which unemployment benefits are calculated from $7,000 to $8,500 and shortening the recoupment period from 4 years to
He expected some job cuts but had not expected it to be so severe," Local 979 President Mark Granakis said, adding that some workers would be eligible for unemployment compensation and supplementary pay from the union.
BOSTON - Laid-off Massachusetts workers will now get up to 39 weeks of unemployment compensation benefits, under an authorization to add 13 weeks of benefits announced by Gov.
The trial court's decision in CSX allowed FICA refund claims based on a fairly broad interpretation of a statutory exclusion for "supplemental unemployment compensation benefits" from the definition of "wages," for employment tax purposes, under Sec.
The sections on Maryland's workers' compensation and unemployment compensation laws have been updated.
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