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the state of being unemployed or not having a job

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By early 2013 the country observed a lower unemployment rate was 5.
Bulgariaas unemployment rate was below the EU average which stood at 8.
The monthly review by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Finance and Development (F&D), reserved its March edition, "Jobs on the line" to address various aspects of unemployment which have become a global problem, albeit very in different situations in each country.
labor market historically has been characterized by relatively short unemployment durations for an average worker.
As a result, firms post fewer vacancies, fewer jobs are created, and unemployment goes up, everything else being the same.
Referring to Cyprus' performance, there was a decline in unemployment for the fifth consecutive month with the unemployment rate for men being 16.
are an unfortunate subset of the unemployed: longer durations of unemployment are related to a lower transition rate into employment, the long-term unemployed are generally displaced shortly after they gain reemployment, and supporting unemployed workers to transition to expanding sectors of the economy is a relevant topic.
At the same time, unemployment in the Eurozone and the EU remained stable.
While architecture grads have it exceptionally bad, unemployment rates for recent grads in pretty much every major are quite high.
A further factor is that United States and the United Kingdom, where the association between low intelligence and unemployment has been reported, have minimum wage legislation.
They fail to find "any compelling evidence that there have been changes in the structure of the labor market that are capable of explaining the pattern of persistently high unemployment rates.
The Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) has set the red line for this year's unemployment rate at 4.
While male unemployment fell by 17,000, the number of jobless women rose 5000 to stand at 106,000.
A simple version of Okun's law regresses the change in the unemployment rate over a period in time (usually a quarter, or in the picture below, a year) on a constant and the change in real GDP growth over the same period.
Compared to November 2011, the seasonally-adjusted unemployment level in the European Union stayed put at 9.