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10) Indeed, Sheridan's description of the "new stage in his literary career" that Gide began with L'Immoraliste might serve to describe Tagore's accomplishment in Shesher Kobita as well: "a quite new classicism of style, austere, unemotional, unemphatic, unhurried, discreet, meticulously chiselled with an art that conceals art" (189).
Never less than a pleasure to behold thanks to the stunning landscapes and nimble handheld lensing, the mischievously humorous picture maintains an unemphatic but steady grip on its protag's largely unarticulated emotional awakening.
However, the character appears in a play that has been described as "incoherent patchwork" with "wandering and uncertain" action, (31) where much of the matter is left "scrappy, unemphatic, and poorly motivated.
The bland serenity of American suburbia is suggested by the self-possessed, unemphatic typeface Electra laid out as cleanly and simply as I could manage.
But it kind of makes sense if you're familiar with the 36-year-old stand-up's unemphatic observational humor.
However, this is a secondary phenomenon due to the regular ellipsis of the preceding unemphatic subject.
Her initial refusal to comply with his outlandish request as the scene ends sounds decidedly unemphatic.
So the two parallel protagonists become, in Newman's argument, "equivocal representations of an idealized femininity requiring an unemphatic and unobtrusive self-presentation" (25).
it is the sheer ordinariness of Celati's trip, of his thoughts once he arrives, and of his unemphatic, plain prose that reveals to us, his readers, the vast complexities of experience and representation, be they real, imaginative, or some hybrid mixture of both.
At the end, Lee inserts a similar shot between the visit to Lightning Flat and the return to Riverton, except that the mountain is missing, and Ennis's pickup travels from left to right, hinting in the same unemphatic way of James's coda to The Portrait of Lady ("She had not known where to turn; but she knew now.
The simple diction of the last two lines, especially coming after the Thomas allusion, is so unemphatic in its verbal restraint as to itself constitute a kind of cleansing humility, a coming to terms with the fragility of life.
One result is that these thirteen chapters are everywhere marked by an unemphatic yet immensely impressive integrity, both in argument and style--the fruit of a lifetime's dedication in which a profoundly humane learning is brought to bear upon a conscientious moral engagement with issues of pressing and enduring interest.
And what is arresting is precisely the extraordinary accuracy, as it seems to one, of the depiction of an entire range of small-scale, unemphatic, but nevertheless intensely photogenic gestures, expressions, postures, and pieces of behavior: for example, the small-scale gesture--scarcely more than a tensing of the wrist--of Musharraf's partly open left hand as he makes his point; the downward cast of Soros's head and his inscrutable, almost sullen-seeming facial expression as he plays with something on the tablecloth with his left hand; and the diffident demeanor of the third man who sits with both elbows on the table and his hands clasped.
Further, as a generic verb, "to say" can signal not only affirmative sentences and unemphatic statements,