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in an unemotional manner


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If we think about this subject of sex more objectively and unemotionally, we will not find the depiction or illustration of a perfectly natural human activity to be embarrassing, immoral or indecent.
Such labeling can be a get-out-of-jail-free card when we behave impulsively, unemotionally, or forgetfully --neglecting the anniversary bouquet is perhaps more easily excused when committed by an unapologetic "left-brainer," as is the rash behavior of the family's artsy black sheep.
Instead, they were almost drawled in a homely Stirlingshire accent, unemotionally and coolly by little Scotland captain Billy Bremner.
When reading comments from reviewers, attempt to read them unemotionally and set them aside.
Teaching and learning are emotional processes: a teacher who communicates the content in an emotional way will be more successful than another who behaves and communicates unemotionally (Ochs, Frasson 2004b).
Tales of teenage boys being buried up to their necks in sand, being urinated upon, tortured and sexually abused were unemotionally confirmed by the inmate guides.
It happened as quickly and as unemotionally as this sentence took to describe it.
It requires managers to undergo the out-of-body experience of realistically and unemotionally evaluating their business, even if they don't especially like what they see.
It seems to me that we should sit down very unemotionally and decide what organizations are going "after" certain Senators to replace them, and then Republican women might try to salvage things in certain districts.
The majority of players are acting inexpressively and unemotionally.
Idle men would find it easy to invade their wives aggressively and unemotionally to release their frustration.
30 -- The brutal rape of the 23-year-old physiotherapist girl by four men in a bus in Delhi on December 16 evening defies any mention unemotionally.
Religiously inspired environmental action has grown nationally and unemotionally.
He said: "They often try to talk unemotionally, to try to damp down their reactions to prevent being overwhelmed.