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Synonyms for unemotional

Synonyms for unemotional

not affected by or showing emotion

with little or no emotion or expression

Synonyms for unemotional

unsusceptible to or destitute of or showing no emotion

cool and formal in manner

References in classic literature ?
For the rest {sic} the man's life moved in a narrow and conventional circle, for his habits were quiet and his nature unemotional.
We need to be as unemotional as possible and put the focus on the next game.
In addition to being out of date, the traditional notion of the soldier as tough, aggressive and unemotional is damaging - both to the soldiers themselves and to others around them.
A new study has found that boys show differences in brain structure that causes unemotional traits which is not found in girls.
Aim: Callous and unemotional traits such as the inability to make emotional communication, and the lack of feelings of guilt and empathy are frequently found in the young with antisocial manners, who are at increased risk for violent behavior in the future.
Fifteen-year-old Morgan considers herself a "cold one," a highly analytical and unemotional person.
The feelings of others are important to me"), five referring to unemotional traits (e.
The grieving grandmother tells her sister Mim that the undertaker is treating her like a client rather than his wife, and her feelings boil over after he delivers an unemotional speech at the wake.
But Murphy said he worries they will adopt Irish men's unemotional behaviour.
We seek to apply our approach consistently as - while an unemotional, valuationdriven philosophy will not always be in favour - over longer time periods this investment style has generated exceptional returns.
LONDON SPY BBC2, 9pm After Danny is accused by the papers of being involved in his lover's death, he is invited to meet Alex's parents - who he had been told were dead - and the puzzle deepens when he arrives at their country home and discovers them to be unemotional.
The study focused on 11- to 17-year-olds housed in juvenile detention centers who were classified as callous and unemotional, or CU, exhibiting severe anti-social behaviors that put them at risk of developing psychopathic traits as adults.
The abundant primary sources are purposefully neutral and unemotional in tone, so the authors make use of journalistic and business-writing styles to keep reader interest in a long book.
As this 1924 image of a hypothetical "Radio Police Automaton" attests, the dream of a perfectly impervious and unemotional peacekeeping force is an old one.
The bottom line, note the researchers, is that it's not just "emotional eating" but unemotional boredom that can pack on extra pounds.