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not having a material body

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I call it 'a space-of-light structured by unembodied form'.
There was nothing surreptitious about it, he says: Faulkner deliberately moved the ghosts from Balzac's unembodied to embodied, just as Balzac had moved comedy from Dante's divine to human.
After this encounter, Tonio celebrates (though with a touch of irony) his future production, the power of the imagination to shape and order "an unborn, unembodied world," I remembered.
For Pound, poetry proceeds from a "logic of sensation" (in Deleuze's sense) and aims at emotionally charged psychic experiences and not at general, unembodied (desingularized) concepts.
Accordingly, what is described in de Victu is not an unembodied soul entering its new body, but a seed as a soul-body unity entering all animal bodies, which can under specific conditions become suitable providers of nutrition for the further development of the seed and thus become biological parents of a new individual.
This new reflexitity, however, promoted a single, unembodied, all-seeing god, whose masculine profile persists to this day--the theological imaginary that Gilead imposes with a vengeance.
29) Eric Eldred, after all, wanted to put on the Internet about-to-be-public-domain information artifacts--such as short stories written in the 1930s, copyrights in which were about to expire and which would have expired but for the CTEA--rather than raw data or unembodied ideas.
The New Testament knows nothing of a relationship with Christ which is purely mental and spiritual, unembodied in any of the structures of human relationship.
19), a dead organism is as inanimate as anything; so, to the best of our knowledge, is an unembodied organization.
Thus, it is these unembodied, or, in the case of the soul, temporarily disembodied, components of the self that are the focus of the shaman's concern in the leka pelian that he sings for the remainder of the night on the longhouse gallery.
Each mask is a false-self, the phantasmal complement of an "inner self" seeking to maintain its identity beyond representation: unembodied and so beyond the reach of death, writes Laing, "its aim is to be a pure subject, without any objective existence" (94-95).
Comus's employment of the term "fair" draws on the courtly poetics of color, beauty, and skill, while the Lady's discourse is decidedly uncourtly and unembodied, even as it, superficially or theatrically, may seem to be more embodied.
The spirit, the spirit, not a brother, nor a sister spirit, but an unembodied spirit (with none of the associations or incidents of the physical nature).
As it turns out, these theorists really do help to explicate the highly abstract, unembodied discourse of demons and angels.