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Synonyms for unembellished

lacking embellishment or ornamentation

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An unembellished gray line streams across the paper, like a sort of barrier, as tiny lines stack up in rows below it.
Moulson's telling of this story, unembellished by movie theatrics, is one of the highlights of the book.
And then there are the "band" paintings, in which a much broader, unembellished field is framed by a thin strip of color.
She allows unembellished questions and answers to make up the majority of the text and shies away from interpreting the material collected from hours of conversation with Fernando Alonso, his family, his colleagues, his students, and the artistic staff of Cuban ballet institutions.
Instead, her unembellished tale allows the message of the transformative power of generosity to shine through.
Rarities, such as unembellished watercolour landscapes and sketches of animated skeletons (from 1933-34), help explain the origins of his oil paintings.
This work is not for everyone, some stark, even raw language, not profanity, but language having unembellished sexual suggestion, however, if you like hard hitting, no holds barred, tell it like it is, non-saccharine verses then The Fateful Apple will provide a powerful change of pace poetry read.
With Dada's recently updated Tivali unit, designed by Dante Bonuccelli, users can slide out its doors to cover up the wall unit and storage space inside a single, unembellished volume.
I digest the news and get it as unembellished as possible," he explained.
It is perhaps surprising that such an unembellished and, some would argue, unpretentious art form would find its place in the ever so rococo Cairo scene, which is so often dominated by the colourful and the gimmicky.
For those who are mesmerized by the way Pound encapsulates the beauty of faces in this poem titled "In a Station of the Metro" in such an unembellished yet vivid and delicate way, there is now the chance to see an ystanbul exhibition by Austria-based German photographer Hans-JE-rgen Rbe, who treats humans and their beauty in a straightforward but elegant manner.
Wintle's prose is precise and unembellished, lucid and engaging, and free of jargon.
This is an unembellished portrait that acknowledges Nouwen's brilliance, charisma, and compassion, as well as his feelings of inadequacy, his struggles with his homosexuality, and his loneliness.
Its financial results over the past few years have reflected a realistic and unembellished picture of the true situation for a well-run private bank that does not engage in overly risky business.
I am relying on the fact the troika will deliver both an unembellished and honest assessment of the situation in Greece before payments are delivered.