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not embarrassed


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Certainly it is difficult to see any debt to Weir in our nation's other attempts at the horror movie, and it is little surprise that the influences that Undead wears unembarrassedly on its sleeve are almost entirely foreign in origin.
Papers of the 1960s seem naively trusting of government, shamelessly boosterish, unembarrassedly hokey and obliging.
The latter did preach for a long time during the ceremony, unembarrassedly using this traditional ceremony as an opportunity to express the teachings of the church.
Unlike more pervasively postmodern critical theorists, Joseph speaks unembarrassedly of "fundamental" distinctions rather than contingent or provisional ones -- of "epistemology" and epistemological aspirations.
On the other hand, housekeeper, in the most common (I would imagine) current sense (OED2 sense 4), is unembarrassedly gender-specific, and carried over without change from OED1: 'A woman engaged in housekeeping or domestic occupations; a woman who manages or superintends the affairs of a household; esp.
The first part of Irigaray's thesis, that the appropriation of women is "tantamount to theft and rape," rips no interpretive veils from the Iliad, a narrative that unembarrassedly represents theft and rape as the modalities of appropriation.
Most of it is unembarrassedly about "the peril to our species' and the need for public safety and human dignity' and suchlike.
Doctor Who, for all its faults, was that most exciting sort of fantasy that refuses to be reined in and unembarrassedly insists that travelling through time and space in a police box is magical rather than silly.