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giving only major points


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21) And, as a practical matter, a PCA signaling contrary authority, unlike an unelaborated PCA or a traditional citation PCA, conspicuously and conveniently highlights the existence of a conflict on the face of the decision.
Omer-Sherman thus fails himself to acknowledge (with the exception of occasional, unelaborated references to the adaptive Zionism of Brandeis and Kallen) the variety of Zionisms that have long characterized American Zionist commitment as well as Israeli life and letters since before the establishment of the State of Israel.
The immediate effect of this unelaborated conclusion is to imply that the mysterious circumstances of the supernatural story have rendered its teller incapable of further explanation.
Thus, I cannot exclude the possibility that I have misinterpreted some authors' unqualified or unelaborated references to "responsibility" or "moral responsibility.
Most of the chapter is, in fact, centred around a discussion of new historicist approaches to Wordsworth, but Mahoney's description of this important development in Wordsworth studies leaves much to be desired: new historicism, we are told, in a comment which remains unelaborated, 'connects literature and history in very special ways' (p.
Despite the amendment's importance, its vague, unelaborated wording has led many courts to curse its "vice of ambiguity.
For unelaborated linkage of "the eudemonistic slop" to Schopenhauer, see J.
The architectural sense of separateness and isolation of these buildings, the angular differences in their orientations, and their unelaborated simplicity make them interesting when contrasted with monumental architecture elsewhere at Cyrene and in the Greek world in general.
For example, Evans, Rozelle, Lasater, Dembroski, and Allen (1970) compared messages giving relatively general and unelaborated dental-care recommendations with messages giving more detailed, specific recommendations.
25, 73 (1993) ("With so vague and unelaborated a standard of misconduct, uncertainty about its contours is probably inevitable.
In a recent essay, Raz concludes a survey of questions about authority with a suggestive but unelaborated comment to the effect that political authority cannot be justified without participatory mechanisms which enable individuals to understand its rationale and to see its rationale as their own.
only made us realize that it had never existed," also went unelaborated.
1980), that it lacked conflict jurisdiction over unelaborated PCAs (regardless of whether they were accompanied by a concurring or dissenting opinion).
The reader of such texts must pause to construct the unelaborated relationship between the brief, aphoristic sentences of warning and direction uttered by the seer/wise-man.
to an unelaborated "but see" cite at the end of a long