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And Catherine Zuber's exact and flowing but unelaborate period costumes also employ muted colors, made even more muted when James F.
In the cities and towns where civic government had to compete against powerful ecclesiastical establishments or where religious rather than trade guilds dominated, cyclic drama does not seem to have appeared; instead, processions, fairly unelaborate dramas, and other quasi-dramatic activities seem to have been the norm.
Rotherham have muscled their way to wins over Coventry (1-0) and Bradford (3-2) in their last two at Millmoor, but as defeats by Wimbledon, Millwall, Sheffield Wednesday and Crystal Palace show, their unelaborate style is too predictable to earn them consistent rewards.
The first reality play the Chicago group put on was entirely unelaborate.
4) To test, however rigorously, hypotheses that challenge no deeper theory or that themselves lack deductive implications is an inefficient route of scientific inference; while theories that are precise and deductively fertile enough can often be sustained or refuted by surprisingly unelaborate tests, including ones that involve few observations or that violate normally sacrosanct principles of selection.