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Our imam says that if you argue with a scientist you will win for sure, but if you argue with an uneducated person he will definitely win against you.
He added: "Some people will write me off as they always do, some people will write my team off as they always do, but it would take a very uneducated person to do that right now.
Some people will write me off as they always do but it would take a very uneducated person to do that right now.
In other words, an uneducated person is more likely to continue in the cycle of deprivation than an educated one.
He said that government's first priority is promotion of education while uneducated person is tantamount to orphan.
Ilyas said an uneducated person could not represent the country in a proper way.
Will the UN intervene if an uneducated person is being forced to vote a certain way?
I am a totally uneducated person from a remote village.
Even the most uneducated person can see the effect he has when he's out there.
Chav: A boorish, uneducated person who appears to have access to money but not to taste
Among the latter were such unfortunates as historian Hubert Howe Bancroft, flailed by Bierce as "a literary imposter" and "an uneducated person who cannot write grammatically, even in the one tongue that he incorrectly speaks.
The author submits that, by identifying the basic quality differentiating an educated from an uneducated person as the capacity to generate questions in any domain of knowledge, an additional and alternative conception of the educated person has been added to the educational field.
The difference between an educated person and an uneducated person is that both may not know the answer, but the educated person knows what he doesn't know and where to look for the answer.
No uneducated person can take the place of a qualified technologist.
I still sorry for him because he acts like an uneducated person.