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Accusations of sex abuse, criminal behaviour, influencepeddling, Deep scars will prove difficult to heal after unedifying campaign fraud, lying and God knows what else.
While the killing of Cecil the Lion was disgusting, the vilification of Palmer has been equally unedifying.
Yesterday, we even had the unedifying spectacle of Michelle O'Byrne lecturing the Government on budget savings.
Pamela Ribon, a writer at Walt Disney animation studios, pointed out the inherent sexism in this otherwise worthy volume, which contains the following unedifying passage: At breakfast one morning, Barbie is already hard at work on her laptop.
AT the Liberal Party Conference, we had the unedifying sight of Mr Vince Cable waxing lyrical about "Liberals in Government", and yet failing to apologise for the Royal Mail privatisation omnishambles (with the taxpayer losing an estimated PS1bn through under valuing the share price).
The appearance of sex toys and the unedifying sound of shouted sexual references, alongside the usual noise and unruly attentionseeking, might hopefully mean Sky rethinks its approach (and broadcast locations) - in a bid to persuade the idiots to stay at home.
Pellegrini's side are favourites for the title owing to their games in hand, while United look set for an unedifying venture into the Europa League next season.
Judge Richard Twomlow told her he would give her "one more opportunity" and imposed an 18-month community order for what he called a "completely unedifying scene".
It also seems to me that the description of Labour councillors lining up to deliver a variety of adjectives to describe the "bedroom tax" (actually a reduction in benefit, not a tax) in such a manner is unedifying, considering that it was Labour who introduced the concept and they did not protest in this way at that time.
It's an unedifying spectacle, there is no doubt about that," The Sun quoted Dawson, as saying.
So there was something unedifying about Labour MPs queuing up to use the crisis for electoral gain, absolving the firm's management of blame and pinning it all on the Conservatives.
Graham Smith The best horse won It's understandable that many people might have found the Eider Chase an unedifying spectacle, but the simple fact is that the horse who went fastest won the race - isn't that what the game is about?
If it wishes to return to the issue, it should be looking at a reform that is equitable, effective, by making it easier to pay taxes, and at a system that encourages domestic and foreign investment--including by being predictable, rather than offering sagas as unedifying as that of recent days, in which the Government was seen to vacillate on the issue.
To an outsider, this simply smacks of an unedifying power play by those who seek personal advancement under a putative Brew leadership.
Yesterday we saw the unedifying spectacle of councillors on the audit committee, who are members of the ruling coalition, refusing to attend a meeting to discuss a letter from external auditors addressing the breakdown between the council's executive and senior officers.