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Synonyms for uneasy

Synonyms for uneasy

in a state of anxiety or uneasiness

affording no quiet, repose, or rest

characterized by embarrassment and discomfort

Synonyms for uneasy

lacking a sense of security or affording no ease or reassurance


lacking or not affording physical or mental rest


causing or fraught with or showing anxiety

socially uncomfortable

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relating to bodily unease that causes discomfort

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Cornelius was very uneasy about it, but it was after all only a prelude to greater anxieties.
What a contrast, in a woman's eyes, to the shy, pale, melancholy man, in the ill-fitting black clothes, with the wandering, uneasy glances, who stood beneath him, and felt, and showed that he felt, his inferior position keenly
They hardly know how ill you have been and are uneasy at your long silence.
I saw Miss Halcombe change colour, and look a little uneasy.
I could see no cause for any uneasiness or any doubt, but she had made me a little uneasy, and a little doubtful, nevertheless.
Tell me a simpler thing: why is this hound so uneasy, while you, who have passed your days in looking into books, can see no reason to be disturbed?
interrupted the discontented trapper, who began to grow a little uneasy that his party was all this time neglecting to seek the protection of some cover.
But all was dark and quiet, and creeping back to bed again, he fell, after an hour's uneasy watching, into a second sleep, and woke no more till morning.
It will not make you uneasy on Mrs Gowan's account, I hope--for I remember that you said you had the interest of a true friend in her--if I tell you that I wish she could have married some one better suited to her.
Particularly remember that you are not to be uneasy about Mrs Gowan.
The Southern Municipal Council has made the proposal after receiving complaints from women, who said they felt uneasy visiting the park when it is filled with men.
But rail firms say they look like real fags to staff enforcing smoking bans, expel nicotine and make other passengers uneasy.
Most of all, Kinnear's radio performance made me feel profoundly uneasy.
According to the Daily Mail, Redknapp has only a year left on his current deal and wants a longer-term commitment, but he has been left uneasy by the club's reluctance to offer it.
UNEASY ALLIES: WORKING FOR LABOR REFORM IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY BOSTON offers college-level readers a fine guide analyzing what motivated workers in the early 1830s to work together, considering the social, political and economic pressures that brought them together and tore them apart.