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Synonyms for uneasy

Synonyms for uneasy

in a state of anxiety or uneasiness

affording no quiet, repose, or rest

characterized by embarrassment and discomfort

Synonyms for uneasy

lacking a sense of security or affording no ease or reassurance


lacking or not affording physical or mental rest


causing or fraught with or showing anxiety

socially uncomfortable

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relating to bodily unease that causes discomfort

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Uneasy because the laughter carried echoes of the way some used to make fun of the great Sir Bobby Robson's difficulty with names.
In Uneasy Balance, Thomas Langston provides a structure for analysis by dividing the nation's political and military history and then examining the process by which the United States and its military realigned themselves against different emerging peacetime or wartime threats.
Speed Dating" takes place after Undead and Uneasy when the Betsy and Derik the Bane characters meet up.
Shedding new light on this key political alliance, the book details how this uneasy relationship evolved while Kuwait maintained its independent foreign policy, which contradicted US national interest.
Uneasy in Babylon: Southern Baptist Conservatives and American Culture.
Since the mid-1960s, Artschwager has built most of his image-based works--depictions of plain American houses, modern apartment buildings, opulent interiors, and, more recently, uneasy "political" portraits of George W.
If this book is used in a Bible study group, be prepared for some uneasy feelings among the participants.
Here is the story of how Lucasfilm's Computer Division make film and computer history, as well as Lucas' uneasy role in combining business, filmmaking, and technology.
Though the juxtaposition between the original building, an eighteenth-century former hospital, and Nouvel's more exuberant and very un-Iberian addition seems at times slightly uneasy, the new spaces will allow the museum to develop its programmes of education and research as well as improving conditions for showing its great collection of historic and contemporary Spanish art.
We are uneasy about its blatant anti-Semitism, about the rendering of Shylock (Al Pacino) the moneylender as a hateful, venal caricature.
But focus-group participants said they were uneasy about having their personal information sent 7,000 miles away.
With price tags for New York City's office buildings in the millions and air rights over the West Side Rail Yards being valued at $1 billion, some members of the industry are beginning to feel uneasy.
ELCIC members, "have become increasingly uneasy and want the church to resolve the issue.
Annie is uneasy when they discover impassable cliffs, then a small 18th century town with no inhabitants in sight.
A couple of the especially peppy numbers evoke the uneasy sense-memory of lingering in the living room too long with one's young relatives on Christmas morning--unfettered joy begins to grate--but otherwise, Mississauga is a delimit and, like Patriots, a testament to the restorative powers of good music in even the darkest times.